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This news update covers the latest changes and updates to KSA.

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Welcome back to another news update for Kitten Super Adventure! ^_^ My last news article was "Archived" by the IndieDB team for some odd reason so I will go ahead and re-announce a few things.

For those who don't know the KSA website is up and fully operational, with that you can now pre-order KSA for only $5! This saves you $15 from the final sale price! Interested? Check it out here:

Now let's get to the updates! Last time I stopped on the space station progression, since then I added in a robot named Sirus 6, the robot(s) you will interact with in the moon level space station. The robot(s) will give you hints, clues, missions and even a special item if you can accomplish a special mission! Here's what he looks like:

A few more additions were made to the "Moon Space Station" level which consisted of a few new tenants of the moon space station! We have 2 scientists and 2 engineers living in the station now which gives the level a bit more liveliness! Also the lift entrance/exit area is now fully setup and working.

The last thing I have been working on for the Space areas is the jetpack functionality which is coming along pretty good so far, I still need to add in a gas bar and touch up the mechanics a bit.

Last but not least, meet the aliens who will inhabit the moon.

Not too long ago I decided to upload a few new tracks for KSA OST that I thought people might like, one is the pirate ship level music and the other is the school level music. Listen to them below:

In the last news post I gave you a small teaser of the "Graveyard" level, I have a lot of this level setup but I will share just a few screenshots so far as it's still being worked on.

This last image is a shot of the kitten wearing it's pumpkin mask, there will be a few masks you can choose from to wear while in the "Graveyard" level.

I am working on adding on volumetric fog that won't cause too much of a decrease in frame rate, for now this is all you get for the graveyard sneak peak but more will come soon!

Getting back to the "Lost Forest" level I added in a few extra things such as some horses around the level, a few kids you can speak with and small buildings in which you find the kids in. The actual purpose of the kids being added is for missions.

Shifting over to the "Cat Islands" level I added in some kitten merchants (merchants will have custom hats at some point) to "Cat Islands" and did some more setup/updating of the level itself. It's still a WIP so lots more to do, there will also be kitten merchants who offer cat toys you can use in game or simply just to play with!

Alright we have covered a lot so far, how are you liking the updates? Puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I started the "School" level a while ago but have been neglecting it for quiet some time so I decided to get back to working on it and I have made some great progress, explorable classrooms are now setup, you can visit the infirmary and even the bathroom (bathroom setup is not shown in this news update). I have one female student already implemented, I plan to have 2-3 variations of males and 2-3 variations of females around campus, in the classrooms, etc.



Before I wrap up this news update I will share a video displaying some of the new mechanics I have been working on, these include:

- Hair ball shooting
- Swiping
- Fighting enemies
- Triple jump
- Climbing
- 2 levels of speed (trot and run, I plan to have 3 levels in the future: walk, trot and run)



That brings us to the end of the updates, so far everything is coming along great and I hope to bring you the early access release for steam soon. There are still a bunch of things to iron out and lots of levels to build, environments to mold and characters to bring to life. Look forward to much much more!

Until next time, nyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~


The game looks fantastic and I really want to preorder, thanks a lot for taking interest with my build. I left you a comment response to the other comment, I hope I'll be able to run it, I'm really excited about it and it looks lovely. <3

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darkeccho Author

Glad you like the progress ^_^ i responded to your other comment, you should be fine for running the game.

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Thanks a lot! Will surely preorder as soon as I can.

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