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We are proud to announce that we will be selling our game through Grid Masters is available for pre-order for $7.00. Our code is now signed, and improvements based off feedback from MomoCon and online are coming soon!

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We are proud to announce that we will be selling our game through! Grid Masters is available for pre-order for $7.00. Keys will be handed out when they become available to tie your purchase to your Angry Hangar account. Having the game purchase tied to your account will allow you to access everything you have purchased no matter which computer you are playing on.

We were also able to scrape together enough funds to go ahead and get an signing certificate for our code. This means that new users will no longer see a warning about the game being from an unknown publisher, and it is less likely that anti-virus programs will wrongfully target our game. All of our code will be signed from this point forward, so you can verify it’s from us.

We’ve been hard at work tweaking and balancing the game based off all of the great feedback we got at MomoCon. If you came to our booth at MomoCon and gave the game a try, we really appreciate it. We have also been putting death animations into the game for each character. We plan to have these tweaks and additions pushed out in an update sometime during this week.

Lastly, online play is still on its way. We are hoping to make it available around the first of July. There will be plenty of bugs to squash because even doing the best we can, some bugs hide in hardware configurations we don’t have access too. Along with this update, we are going to try to make giving feedback easy. As always, if you need any help or find issues with the game, shoot us an email at

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