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A quick update since I can't finish my Dev log on time :)

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Since I can't get my Dev log to publish on time because I am busy with other things and for those who don't know I am also busy with school. Also before I continue explaining everything I was going to cover in the Dev log, I would like to say this project is not my highest priority and nor should it be. I do have other projects that I am planning behind the scenes and I also have school (like I said before). Yes, I do want this project to succeed but I really only started it for 1. to learn more about the Source Engine 2. get ready for my "big project" (the project behind the scenes and 3. to show people that Source Engine is a good engine to use to make standalone mods or games. So if there is a big break of silence, or I haven't been active on Hammer++ or any of the other Source software from what Discord can tell, it's not because the game is dead, I am just busy with other things. I will always have the game on my mind but I won't be working full time on it like the other Devs.

SCP S2 header

Now with that out of the way, I would like to introduce the team so far. The First-person on the team is SCP Revitalised a YouTuber that makes SCP EAS and other cool videos, his main role is to create a few videos you will see amongst the site and maybe a few voice lines here and there. Their work is really good and I am happy for them to be on the team as they will also be helping with the "big project". The other person on the team is PACHAMAQUINA they are the main music developer and a really good one at that. Right now they are working on other projects but later on, you will see a lot of their music in-game and in trailers. Then there is me, I will be mainly working on the story, the environment, some of the textures and codes, updating you guys and pretty much leading it. That's all we have on the team as of now, I am looking for people who would like to help so if you want to help you can DM me on Discord or here on ModDB. It might just end up being us three maybe which might be a problem but that's only because of funding, which is understandable. The other way you guys can help is by our Patreon . It's not too much in price and you get fairly good deals and I am updating it soon, I also understand if you don't too since there are people on the internet who are greedy and like to fake projects but it would also be very helpful if you did support us on Patreon as it would help the development of the game move faster.

Capture 1

Now for the main part of the Dev log, although the story is not revealed yet I can confirm you are a D-Class, you have just been assigned to SCP-096 and you are trying to escape the site during a Code: BLACK Priority B Site-Wide Containment breach. (Now there is a fandom up but that isn't there for sharing information right now as I am using it as a place to dump ideas, so if you stumble across it don't take it seriously unless I have confirmed it.) I will also confirm that the site is different from what is shown on the wiki page and that you will be using a PDA like what was planned in SCP: Unity. Right now I am doing an overhaul of everything in the game to make it look different from what was planned, I also have a few name ideas to replace the Source 2 part of the name. The first part of the game won't just be a Co2 leak but also the flooding of the lower areas. So as you can see a lot of the game is being updated and changed.


For the SCPs I will be adding, for now, their wont is too many just enough to start the story and to get the game ready for you to enjoy it. But the old SCPs that will be added from Unity and Containment Breach is SCP-049, 096, 106, 131, 173,500, 650, 914 and 939. There might be a few other classics like SCP-1499, 035 and 079 but for now, these are the only SCPs from these games I will be adding. For new ones we have SCP-105, 127, 321, 387, 439, 466, 1417, 1577, 1598, 2401, 2424 and 2501. Now most of the new ones are experiments so don't expect to see most of them make it, but ones like SCP-105 which are vital to the story will stay. Also don't expect SCP-387 to get removed as it is a replacement for SCP-1762 as its no longer a thing.

For the main SCPs you will have to worry about SCP-049 and SCP-096 will be the forerunners, as in SCP: Containment Breach and SCP: Unity SCP-106 and SCP-173 were the forerunners so I want SCP-049 and 096 to get a shot at it.

Another thing you will notice is that the map does have rooms from SCP: Unity, this is because they will be the base for them and they will slowly be changed and updated.

Other than that there isn't much to talk about, but if you do have questions please do ask me and do try to join the Discord if you can so you can get sneak peeks, otherwise just keep an eye on ModDB as that is where most of the updates will be.

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