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A new patch for SCP - Dark Confinement Origins is out! Gameplay tweaks have been made, bugs have been fixed, and new content has been added to the game!

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SCP - Dark Confinement Origins ALPHA 1.0.3 Changelog!

- Flashlight battery runs out slower
- There are slightly less batteries in the map
- Grammar issues and typos have been fixed
- Added more lights to the environment to help with progression
- Added objectives to the "To Do List" tab in the journal
- The player character now writes down notes in his journal in the "Notes" tab
- The ending of Chapter 1 is now different
- There are two new rooms to explore in the apartment
- The descriptions of certain objects have been changed/extended
- The flashlight is now slightly dimmer
- New folks have been added to the wall of Youtubers in the lobby
- The easter egg room has two new poster and a Stephano statue
- The blob room has more light and fog, as well as more detail to make it seem more gross
- New additions to the story have been made

If any of these changes are unsatisfactory let me know in the comments!

I hope you all enjoy! <3

~ Dark Confinement Studios

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