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You can now bake Scones in Baking Simulator! Taking our recipe count to three.

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Hello Bakers!

The latest release adds the ability to bake some Scones, or is it Scones? (that joke doesn't really work well in written text). Get the latest version here:

This is the first release and there are still some graphical improvements to be made (the same is true for the other recipes as well), but this should functionally allow you to bake some Scones! Baking scones requires a new skill, glazing. Glazing can be performed by cracking an egg into a mug, then using the glazing brush to brush the egg mixture onto your raw scone mixture.

As well as adding a new recipe, this update also brings a large change to the animation and physics system used by the player. The old system meant it was pretty much impossible to add a walking animation, as doing so would disable the physics on your arms. The new system is much more flexible and allows animating of any part of the player at the same time as physics. This means we now have a basic walk animation setup as well as the ability to access the pause menu whilst crouched.

Another 10 or so reported bugs were fixed in this release, which will hopefully lead to improved gameplay for everyone!

If you spot any issues please make a post on the community forum here:

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