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TOP ADVICE: Turn off the bleed setting in the launcher before starting the game. Scissor seven meets killer seven ~ v1.5 pure version description

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Top tip: Turn off the bleed setting in the launcher before starting the game. Note that before version 1.7, you can use "w" when running. ctrl+space on the left is light work. After version 1.7, you need to press "ctrl+w" on the left to use "W" when running. After version 1.7, the big map will be opened and the original city village of Warband will be retained to allow players to temporarily experience the feeling of wall-walking and parkour in the whole scene of Warband. However, it should be noted that if there is a probability of gang fighting when entering the village, the player's speed and wall-walking ability will be disabled for more than ten seconds when entering the scene. But if there is no gang warfare or direct formal combat, there is no such restriction. This problem has been solved in v1.9. Please see the reply floor for updates after v1.9.

Note that after version 1.1 of 2022.1.30, the brf package of the subscript independent model will be compressed separately, and the brf of the corresponding submod file needs to be decompression, so that different script modes can be opened by sharing the parts of other mod files. Currently, there are Jiaran Simulator, Naruto Combat, Meteor Butterfly Sword, and Assassin Wu67. Climbing on the basis of the five or seven series, other script package will BRF file cover five or seven of them can, use reference video at
Assassin WU6VII Wall-walking series v1.9 changes
Preface: First of all, the completion degree is relatively low and updated less, but the early version number zero is added more casually.
1. Due to the difference in the setting of the field and city village sightseeing codes, the non-field scene will have to wait for an indefinite time of several seconds to even 1 minute after entering the field using the cornice wall. This issue will be fixed this time.
2. Random melee events involving troops fighting or entering urban villages have the probability to trigger extreme wild monsters, which will generate some animation special units, such as wild boar giant panda swordsmen and so on. Or always press o before encountering troops on the map to force the trigger.
3. Use Hokage. In other script packages such as Garan, it is allowed to press o to reload scenes. For example, in the installation of Naruto script, the big map is disabled except for the basic installation of the Wu67 script, but Naruto provides the randomization of different characters at the beginning, which is convenient to continue to use random characters after the reload.
v1.8 changes:
4. Now allow G to return to bare hands and the roller to continue using. And the use of Hokage, Jiaran and other script packages when excluding the use of magic knife blade.

Assassin Wu-VI modv1.6
1. Players are allowed to switch back to the big map only under the Hitman Wu67 script. The Hokage, Meteor Butterfly Sword and Jiaran modes are not allowed.
2. The ICONS and terrain of the big map have been changed. The original city and village scene is maintained temporarily, and you can use the current wall-climbing mechanism to try parkour in the original Warband scene for a while.
3. When entering the scene, there is a certain chance that there will be a melee of Wulin people. At first, they will not attack the player, but the player can attack them, and then they will attack the player. When entering the scene for a while in abnormal battle mode, the random cd may have to wait a while before using light work and flying walls.
4. In the normal battle mode to be settled, the scene is always the original Meteor Butterfly sword Jinhua City.

Assassin V67 ~ v1.5 Pure Edition description
1. Animation of the broken and reassembled blade of Magic Sword.

2. ctrl+space on the left is light work. By repeatedly pressing the attack or ctrl space on the left in the parabolic descent stage, it is possible to keep light work. When the parabola is in the falling state, continue to press ctrl space on the left or press the attack key (similar to the flying dagger inspired by meteor butterfly sword), the falling stage of the parabola will be reset to the rising stage, achieving the light work effect similar to multistage jump. However, the subsequent button behavior to keep moving is probabilistic, so if it is triggered several times, it will fly higher and longer. You're going to have to be quick and repeat the key multiple times.

3. Operation instructions on the cornice wall: press the left ctrl+w to run, close to the wall, do not frequently press the right mouse button to attack and defend, up the wall to run the cornice wall, up the wall after the attack and defense will only lead to the probability of the cornice wall stop falling or stop pressing w or being attacked will also lead to the cornice wall stop falling. Add a bounce to the eaves to increase the possibility of jumping over more eaves (note that when the eaves condition is close to the wall, do not use the attack and defense keys, after the wall can be properly attacked and defended, but there is a risk of falling). When you cross the eaves, you will perform a 270 degree arc jump. Press the attack or defense button in the last 90 degree stage of the fall. You can rotate quickly before the fall and adjust the landing position with your momentum.

killyouready Author

v1.903 Changed:
1. Fixed an issue in the previous version where "battlefield enemy deaths do not follow the random spawn drop from the sky".
2. Reduce the occurrence of bugs with high probability of being attacked without damage.
3. Added subscript - League of Legends Combat, used with other subscripts
Specific features of the subscript:
Only enter eternal Deathmatch mode after creating characters from normal standalone mode, no large map
Only w key moves match the Angle turn.
h is for rest taunt
e is for skill action
O is for reload scene is for switching player controlled League of Legends characters
The target, along with four teammates, hunted Timo,
Have the personality action of LOL

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killyouready Author

Comprehensive Settings after v1.9-v1.902 changes:
1. Not only can you use left-ctrl+w (speed up when there are no obstacles to climb), but you can also use left-ctrl+left-shift+w for extra climbing animation without a sword.
2.m key can enable/disable whether only magic sword can be equipped. After closing, non-magic sword equipment can be picked up. After turning on the state of only equiping Magic sword, roll mouse middle button to roll out magic sword and press G to cancel all equipment.
3. Return to the location of all Swords: Hold the left button of the attack key mouse, click the j key, do not let go of the left mouse button can use the skill of Return to the location of all swords, first summon a bunch of swords, and then control a series of movements such as flying and rotating to the oriented position; If the movement of the swords does not reach the forward stage in the air or the storage power exceeds a certain time, the swords will automatically fall to the ground. Only the group sword movement to the air pointing forward, at this time to let go of the left mouse button can release the final flying sword. Note that the sword summoned by All Swords can be equipped. You can pick up the sword when you turn off the state of only equipping Magic swords at point 2 by pressing key-m.
4. The Blood Bar UI is temporarily changed to the Emperor style. The death exit from the battle time is slightly delayed, that is, wait for the Blood bar empty blood gradient effect.
5. From now on, it is forbidden to use flying walls and light work in scenes with special interior scenes, such as castle interior and tavern, because these collisions are special and do not meet the needs of collision judgment in other normal scenes.

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