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My First RA3 Mod, Science, a very interesting and popular MOD in China CNC gaming. Now it is released on moddb!

But do you know what's so special about this mod? Let me tell you now!

(My English is very bad so I don`t know how to introduce more content..)

1.Thanks Muxing and 6522748, I fix more bug in RA3 1.12 and UR units(from bibber`s Upheaval 1.16 Codes)

2.I add more than 40 units and 3 structures in this mod, most models come from CNC3 and CNC4

3.I add three new special power, Ion Cannon, Nuke Missle, Rift Generator, codes and fx come from WRF 1.07 Codes

4.I add more new maps, 28 Uprising maps, 12 Bonus maps, and modified 27 maps from RA3 Campaign

5.Thanks Chris, I can add more fx in this mod

250kb/s, it`s too hard to add In-Game videos, soI will add In-Game images soon..

Science 1.9 Beta(Simplified Chinese Version and English Version)will be release in 2020

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Science 1.85 Beta, In-Game video, from a Chinese video site

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