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School of Bakery is a completed visual novel game that I have developed first time with Ren'py under build version 6.99.1. It took me about at least one month to complete, due to my tentative work schedule. This visual novel is based on a certain friend of mine, but with all due respect, I will not mention the name about this friend of mine at all. I considered this game as a dedication. I've designed the gameplay to be more interesting and unique, showing how much fun to work with Ren'py. Renpy is a visual novel game engine developed by PyTom (2015), under the GNU GPL license.
Before I begin introducing my latest visual novel game, I want to discuss about scripting with Python. Scripting in Python, for me, is not so bad at all. There is a learning curve in scripting this language to interpret sounds and images on screen. However, this game only presents the basic fundamentals of using Python, compared to working with C++ (i.e. CRYENGINE). I have not been able to experience the rest of the Ren'py's functions, but sooner or later, I will start experimenting the other ATL functions in Ren'py in future visual novel projects.
Now it's time for the main part of the story. You play as Hershey, a regular high-school student in Pillowsburg HIgh, who happens to take bakery class with Felicia. You are challenged by Professor Zucchini to pass Bakery Class with a project that has to persuade his taste buds. Along the ride, you meet Éclair, a tall, slender cinnamon roll girl who happens to know the secrets in passing Prof. Zucchini's bakery class. Felicia, on the other hand, believes it take love and determination to create a great baking project. The question is: who will you trust?The gameplay itself is similar to the ones presented in "Hatoful Boyfriend" where the game displays pigeons as characters. However, my game represents doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, and candy as the characters of the story. I have decided to represent characters as sweets because I like to keep things simple. Character designs were made by me as Galatra. All background images, including the Eileen character designs were made by Uncle Mugen (a.k.a. mugenjohncel).

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