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Quick overview of the different starting scenario and campaign.

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Quick overview of the different starting scenario and campaign.

->Colonist (Main Campaign) : 4 per world maximum
Touch all aspect of gameplay.
Start with one of the 4 original ship as the captain of the crew.
Bonus diplomacy and leadership skills.

->Trader (Junkas campaign) : unlocked by meeting the Junkas
Start with a basic trading ship, a little money on hand
Start on the biggest space station close to a Junkers fleet
Bonus trading and piloting skills.

->Miner (Miners guild campaign) : unlocked by being in good term with the Miners guild
Start with basic mining equipment,
Start near an asteroid field, near a mining camp.
Has bonus mining skills.

->Engineer (Big factory campaign) : ?
Start with a bunch of tools in a small factory.
Has bonus crafting and science skills.

->Soldier (New Republic campaign) : Fight along side the republic.
Start with weaponry and a corvette.
Bonus navigation and combat skills.

->Police (Nationalist campaign) : Fight along side a Nationalist party.
Small police cruiser
Start on the prison asteroids/ship

->Freelancer (Freeform)
Choose your own starting skill and starting point.

->Stranded : Use a previously lost or abandoned character.
Stranded on the surface of a barren moon or inside a derelict ship.

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