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Welcome to the 2nd developer blog of Stronghold Conquest!

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Welcome to the 2nd developer blog of Stronghold Conquest! This time I'll talk about some of the scening work on the faction 'Kingdom of Yemoria'that has been going for a couple of weeks now. Giving you some more information regarding the way I work on this faction and what you can expect.

Scening progress

Firstly I would like to point out the general scening progress:
In the time between the start of the development and now there already have been many previews of various castles and towns. In fact the total count of scenes is at +30! Most of these scenes have been made for the couple of known factions so far: Ko. Yemoria, Ko. Aclion and the Ko. Phidoria. All of the factions have different kind of scenes. More about that below!

Kingdom of Yemoria Scene Style

This particular faction is very different compared to the other two known factions. Yemoria is a more 'mysterious' faction. I'm trying to display this as well in the scenes and in the mod. The factions towns and castles are made from special scene props (made by Adorno).

The kingdom is located on various islands with rough terrain. Resulting in most towns and castles being located on the coast or in a hilly landscape. In the progress of building these scenes, there is a lot of use of 'height-leve-buildings'. Meaning that f.e. towns are made from different levels giving the scene a more unique look.

Here are some examples of Yemorian scene design:

Mizareagh (Yemorian Port-town)

Galadhor (Yemorian Castle)

Bronzehorn (Yemorian Town)

That was it regarding the scene style of the Yemorians. Next developer blog will cover another faction with a different scene style and information about it etc.

Thanks for your time!

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- SC Dev


This looks excelent!

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