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List of updates, fixes, and additions for each new version of SBMS v1.19

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  1. Planning room PAV, SL shield, Beam weapon fixed not updating availability when deleting a unit with those in their loadout
  2. Mission 20 allied units now target enemies at the start


  1. Missile Barrage hotkey fixed changing every time you load the game by improving the options file loading applying hotkeys to any abilities with the same name
  2. Venator's Hologram, Laser Rifle, and Stinger Shot now have costs to purchase
  3. Player ships extra AP missile ability fixed not having the fuel variable, crashing the game
  4. Player ships extra AM missile ability fixed not having the speed or fuel variables, crashing the game
  5. Player ships extra AM, AP, and SD missile abilities now update their range based on the fuel and speed variables
  6. Player flares fixed crashing the game


  1. Added Plasma Beam Cannon, Orage Plasma Beam Charge, TNNP Heavy Missile Explosion, Enemy Hailstorm Enemy Artillery Fire, Plasma Field sounds to the sounds list
  2. Mission 18 triggers removed skip_message()
  3. Mission 18 triggers fixed not having a variable to draw beacon, crashing the game
  4. Mission 18 triggers changed to show beacon when pelican unit is still alive
  5. Mission 18 triggers added lose condition
  6. Mission 18 now has more clear instructions at the start of the mission and started the first wave later, and the dialogue sooner, and added a ping to the exfil zone
  7. Mission 18 wave 2 now takes longer to spawn


  1. Saved games list in the Main Menu now has scroll buttons
  2. Saved games list now updates itself when adding a new save file
  3. Saving games as duplicates of other save games now works when pressing the button with the mouse
  4. Mission log button in the pause menu now has a clearer button with the old button showing if it is active or not
  5. Damage drop ratio fixed dealing no damage when damage drop is turned off
  6. Freya shard ability fixed not checking if the target exists, crashing the game
  7. Added Molniya Plasma Field ability sounds for hit and miss, not for fire or miss
  8. Added Hailstorm enemy artillery ability fire and hit sounds


  1. Missile Towers, Berkut, and Enemy Mine now play the missile alert
  2. Fixed Plasma Tower not checking targets for stealth
  3. Fixed Remote Missiles not being ground units
  4. Previous story dialogue can now be viewed in the pause menu
  5. Rebel Heavy Missile now has an explosion sound effect
  6. Rebel Plasma Cannon now has a fire sound effect


  1. Missions 15, 16, and 19 fixed going to the wrong missions when started
  2. Mission 14 fixed not giving the player a Venator ship because the mission number had changed
  3. Mission 15 fixed not giving the player a Bellator ship because the mission number had changed
  4. Enemy Missile Mine fixed not being removed when dying
  5. Enemy Plasma Tower fixed not firing
  6. Both in game and menu mouse cursors now have the mouse coordinates at the top left of the image
  7. Settings menu- Battlecruiser Power State button setting fixed showing [Tab] and [Arrow Keys] for the wrong setting


  1. Enemy mines have been fixed being visible by setting them to be player 0, fixed not firing missiles.
  2. Enemy Mines increased missile fire rate
  3. Added sound effect for Orage's Plasma Beam Cannon
  4. Plasma beam cannon charge time increased from 200 steps to 5 seconds


  1. Mission 22 now has the proper "Rush" AI
  2. Fixed the ending text not disappearing until the game was restarted
  3. Moved mission 21 spawning zone to the right to be safe from initial attacks
  4. Moved beam and scram cannons on mission 22 to not hit each other
  5. Zooming in game now keeps the screen centered at the position it was
  6. Mission 10 now damages the Mainbase with an explosion if the ship hasn't taken enough damage to trigger the ending at the end of Toulouse's dialogue


  1. Extra missions removed
  2. Missions 3 and 8 fixed being replaced by missions 4 and 9 in the old missions list
  3. Sabotage Boat now has a side view
  4. Added "no image available" for the remaining destroyers' side views
  5. Fixed mission 22's enemy AI being set to passive
  6. Fixed mission 22's resource reward not being set, which may or may not have caused a crash
  7. Missions 21 and 22 now have their own mission briefings
  8. Missions 21 and 22 now have mission logs, which may or may not have caused a crash
  9. Mission 22 supply increased from 200 to 1000
  10. Removed enemy units from mission 22
  11. Enemies except the boss in mission 22 have their health reduced to 50% plus a random percent from 0 to 10
  12. Fixed missions 21 and 22 not having background variables, causing changing the background type to crash the game
  13. Fixed ships with an extra AP missile crashing the game because they were not given the AP missile's speed variable
  14. Fixed the mission log checked the wrong mission, causing the game ending to not play
  15. Fixed bug that caused the Avalanche to crash the game when shut down because it was not checking if its target existed


  1. Missions past 22 with the planning room now all have mission AI, which was crashing gaming
  2. Fixed e-mails checking if it was the correct mission before it checked if it it ran through the whole e-mail list, causing it to crash the game.
  3. Fixed Messages not applying variables if past the old mission limit
  4. Fixed the Library not applying variables for the Rebel units list if past the old mission limit
  5. Removed the Allies units list showing only certain units depending on the mission you're on
  6. Remade mission 17 since mission 9 of the old campaign was being used for it


  1. Missions past 22 now use the planning room
  2. Missions 15 and 26 replaced as they are in the old missions
  3. Fixed the Follow AI behaviour using the wrong variable, crashing the game
  4. Reorganised the mission select menu
  5. Mission 5
  6. [v1.19b12] Updated missions 21 and 22
  7. Mission 22 removed units, made map smaller
  8. Added internal e-mails for missions 14-22


  1. Mission 20 has more Valkyries to delay battlecruisers being destroyed
  2. Mission 13 made smaller
  3. Fixed mission logs crashing the game after mission 13
  4. Fixed mission objectives crashing the game after mission 13
  5. Added missions 21 and 22 in the story campaign.
  6. Fixed mission briefing crashes for some of the new missions.


  1. All missions now available
  2. Fixed Pathfinder and Spear Lanzer not having their researched abilities available in game
  3. Spear Lanzer now no longer has Absorption Stealth by default since it is also the researched ability
  4. Fixed explosive armor being used against beam weapon damage
  5. Added Biofuels to the Technology section of the Library


  1. Shards fixed crashing the game by not checking if the mothership existed
  2. Added two more Aircraft Battle missions
  3. Sagittarius fixed to be an enemy unit
  4. Fixed "Svabard" to "Svalbard" on the first aircraft mission description
  5. Fixed weapons window in the Optional Missions planning stage being overlapped by the Start Mission button
  6. Fixed battleship in unit types tutorial not showing the correct unit display name

10 6/12/17

  1. Added Navigation location data for Bordeaux and Madrid bases, added Paris and Nice Alliance bases
  2. Tooltip for difficulty button made more clear
  3. Ships fixed extra missiles crashing the game
  4. Added limited colour blind mode
  5. Sensor and Jammer turrets now have their stats included in their description to maintain consistency in unit descriptions.
  6. Fixed fighter units highlighted model sprite being offset by one pixel down


  1. Added Navigation location data
  2. Moved intercepting enemy message images further up on the UI to avoid it overlapping with story messages
  3. Move Mission Briefing Enter button to the right
  4. Added new script to check if a mission has been completed or not
  5. Toulouse Main base mission now gives an Aquila unit
  6. Mission 9 now only gives one Reaper instead of 2
  7. Fixed DeGaulle not retreating properly in mission 12
  8. Fixed Alliance Hoverplanes tech not unlocking the Princeps and Triarus ad buildable
  9. Toulouse Main Base mission now sets Reapers as buildable
  10. Missile Turret fixed double firing, continuously firing as long as mouse button was pressed
  11. Missile Turret added missile firing mode ability
  12. Fix basic orders not being on UI
  13. Fixed Mission Briefing's spacebar and enter buttons working as clicking on the button
  14. Mission Briefing Weather box length and height reduced, moved to the right
  15. Mission briefing bottom left white box size reduced, text edited, waves box moved up and to the right
  16. Added Disruption Heavy Missile to the Battlecruiser extra missiles


  1. Added Decimator to player unit
  2. Added Slinger to player units
  3. Mission menu now uses the player's selected menu background colour.
  4. Remote Missile Silo now has individual weapons and tooltips for each missile
  5. Added image for other weapon types
  6. E-mail text now takes up more of the screen
  7. Scroll bar now works with the mouse wheel as well
  8. Scroll bar now has the bar fit inside the background when it's at the top or bottom
  9. Updated Sensor Tower's description to not be like the Jammer Turret and removed stats from it
  10. Fixed Jammer Turret's description typos and removed stats from it
  11. Added tooltips to e-mails
  12. Fixed e-mails not registering as read
  13. Internal E-mails' read status are now saved and loaded
  14. Updated Missile Target Acquisition tech description
  15. Fixed Missile Target Acquisition tech causing flares to crash the game when player missiles ran out of enemy missiles to acquire as targets and player missiles were nearby
  16. Fixed Missile target Acquisition tech causing missiles to crash the game when the target no longer existed
  17. Added Disruption Field Missile to the Remote Missile Silo


  1. Installer intro can now be accessed from the BMS Settings tab of the Options menu, since theres no proper menu tab for it
  2. Added borderless windowed fullscreen mode
  3. Borderless windowed fullscreen mode enabled by default for users with a version of Windows past Windows 8.
  4. Added tooltip warning on fullscreen button in the graphics tab of the Settings meny to avoid Windows 10 users using it.
  5. Starslash now has energy by default so it can use the Starburst ability
  6. Starslash's Starburst button now shows as unavailable when there is no energy
  7. Optimised Starslash's Starburst
  8. Fixed Starburst not using energy when attacking
  9. [Before Starslash changes] lowered Seagull damage in mission 5 easy mode from 40 to 20
  10. Triarus supply cost increased from 25 to 26
  11. Added Food Supplies section to Mainbase Status room
  12. Added key tutorial images in the first mission
  13. Added battlecruiser key tutorial image in the second mission
  14. Mission briefing map arrows are now thinner and centered
  15. Added an indicator under the mission number on the mission menu to show it's on easy mode
  16. Aircraft abilities are now shown in the Aircraft section of the Library
  17. Fixed Alliance Hoverplanes Research text not indicating that Magshield Tech was a research tech


  1. Added Variable Magnetic Afterburners ability to Mainbase
  2. Added temporary script to fix save files still having the VMAB Mainbase ability set to unavailable
  3. Mission 5 easy mode Seagulls now have 0 missiles
  4. Added second part to mission 1
  5. Fixed dragboxing not showing selected enemy stats
  6. Added new mission after mission 4
  7. Player Princeps unit's Magshield ability finished
  8. Payer Princeps unit fixed abilities using Aquila's hotkeys
  9. Princeps Magshield set to unit ability bought in shop
  10. Fixed the initial purchase/availability state of unit abilities overriding developer changes to their status
  11. Finished Invincibility mode cheat (PO in Settings Menu)
  12. Fixed Magshield B not using the designated custom hotkey
  13. Added recharge timer on Magshield B button UI after turning it off
  14. Valkyrie Magshield B total energy increased from 10 to 20 seconds
  15. Finished hotkey menu for ship abilities and unit abilities
  16. Fixed Hotkey-Abilities menu overlapping with Hotkey-Other menu when on the Hotkey-Other menu and pressing he Hotkeys tab
  17. Added unit names to unit ability hotkeys
  18. Battlecruiser power states have now been standardised into a single function and their control has been moved to the UI object to optimise performance
  19. Battlecruisers power states will now be set to off when the unit goes offline
  20. Added tooltips on Hotkey menu buttons
  21. Added Vertical Launch missile
  22. Added Vertical Launch missile ability to Aquila
  23. Fixed air items having starting speed
  24. Fixed bug that could have the make_missile function crash the game if the missile's target did not exist
  25. Allowed players to resize the game window when in windowed mode
  26. Fixed Mainbase not getting the laser research upgrades.
  27. Replaced old Mainbase Variable Magnetic Afterburner ability's description with the ability's official description
  28. Added installer text for first time users
  29. Added unit_get_speed function and unit_get_thrust functions


  1. Finished Aquila plans actually
  2. Added Reaper plans side view
  3. Reduced time for Armiger to come online from 60 to 20 seconds, reduced time for second wave arriving from 120 to 20 seconds, third wave from 50 to 20 seconds,
  4. Fixed Bartails and Seagulls deploying units when offline
  5. Added difficulty settings
  6. Mission 2 now has the Praetor secondary weapon disable and Princeps missile reduction as easy mode
  7. Missions 5 now has an easy mode where Seagulls deploy one less unit
  8. Added a visual tutorial image
  9. Edited Mission 10 Slizer-Toulouse dialogue
  10. Mission 5 easy mode Seagull's deploy unit range reduced from 500 to 380
  11. Added difficulty moe button in the BMS tab of the Settings menu
  12. Set times for enemy waves in mission 10 to 20 seconds each
  13. Fixed explosions in mission 10 being in the same spot after the Mainbase is lost
  14. Easy mode now gives about 50% more supply, rounded
  15. Removed borders from window
  16. Added visual tutorial image to the Help tab of the Library
  17. Fixed black screen bug for Windows 10 users
  18. Player Princeps missile range decreaed from 600 to 500, speed increased from 1 to 1.5, cooldown variables removed, ammo reduced from 10 to 6
  19. Menus now resize to look better at lower aspect ratios


  1. Fixed Aquila rockets not using their specified damage
  2. Fixed non-standard weapon types in the Planning room cycling through all the weapon type icons
  3. Fixed Missile Turret's, Remote Mine's, weapon types being named as missiles instead of explosive, Sprayer Turret from no type to firearm
  4. Fixed Sprayer Turret using the Sensor Turret's named weapon in its description
  5. Fixed Mortar Turret using the Sensor and Missile Turret's named weapons in its description
  6. Building weapon loadouts are now shown in the Library
  7. Ship weapons are now shown in the library
  8. Added pressure on Praetor weapons
  9. Fixed Battlecruiser tab in the Library showing building stats which crashed the game if you selected the Revenant
  10. Added multiple sizes to game icon
  11. Added sound for the Spear Lanzer's Ion Howitzer
  12. Added sound for the Ground Beam Cannon
  13. Added sound for Laser Rifle
  14. Added sound for TNNP fields
  15. Increased volume of Railgun miss sound
  16. Added sound for enemies going on alert, fixed mission 4 not using alert_enemies
  17. Added dialogue between Toulouse and Slizer in mission 10
  18. Edited Toulouse's e-mail to Illumine on mission 7
  19. Added enemy search party ship on Navigation map
  20. Fixed units with passive flares using them when offline. Enemy Praetor and DeGaulle now only use flares and Urdwan when online, Arbiter now only uses passive flares and Burst Shield when online, Wingguard and Squtarius now only uses passive flares, AML, and feeder shield, Havok now only uses passive flares and rockets when online, Punisher now only uses passive flares when online.
  21. Fixed Heavy Missiles being diverted by attacks that cause units to evade, fixed all non-battlecruisers evading from a point from attacks that cause units to evade instead of only small units.
  22. Added ability image and showed button for Siege Mode ability for Gunbarrow
  23. Liberator weapon targeting time increased from 16 to 5*room_speed 250
  24. Fixed Slizer Fake Base mission dialogue crashing the game because it was using the wrong frequency variable
  25. Fixed Remote Misile Silo showing the wrong ranges
  26. Finished Aquila plans
  27. Remote Missile Silo BO missile speed reduced from 2 to 1
  28. LE,BO, AM, and AP Missiles now return the missile instance
  29. Fixed Slizer Fake Base Mission crashing when sending units to cover Urdswan


  1. Added icon for game
  2. Fixed image ability on Venator being able to deactivate on when unavailable, set it to be unresearched at the start.
  3. Fixed missiles and heavy missiles not having the targeting disruption variable and crashing the game when something tries to attack it
  4. Fixed "Research Abbility" button in the Mainbase Lab to "Research Equipment" and moved button down and to the right
  5. Fixed PAV not accelerating if ordered to move to an enemy unit
  6. Fixed default Laser Rifle key being the same as the AM missile key
  7. Fixed Venator's Image ability being visible even if not researched
  8. Fixed units in BO field being able to attack units outside of it
  9. Removed energy cost from Mirage ability's tooltip since it was wrong
  10. Planning room now shows the weapon loadout box for buildings
  11. Mission 10 now does not allow buildings to be placed, since they would not be in the map when units are placed
  12. Research Lab now shows purchased project buttons in green
  13. Valkyrie2 fixed having the weapon type set to be a constant after being set to an array
  14. Beam Cannon ability fixed not using ammo except on kills or stopping attacking by fixing the weapon_fired variable being outside of the section of code where the attack happens
  15. Paladin Shield break sound fixed being too loud
  16. Mission 12 DeGaulle no longer has Urdswan
  17. Fixed Punisher being red
  18. Optimised Beam Weapon ability, Enemy units can now turn off Beam Weapon if programmed to
  19. Fixed Aquila2 having an extra missile cooldown timer, doubling the cooldown speed
  20. Aquila2 now only uses Beam Weapon against ships
  21. Stop function now makes units have no target
  22. Fixed Laser Rifle ability not checking if the target existed or was in range, crashing the game
  23. Added explosive weapon icon for the Planning Room weapon selection
  24. Added ability image for rockets and removed rocket ammo count showing for Aquila
  25. Passive Missile Flares fixed firing flares at Shards, optimised, now not inherently only active when unit is online, flares now don't have their speed immediately set when spawned
  26. Shards now go offline, uses proper death script when the ship dies instead of just disappearing, now shows missile death animation
  27. Fixed ABMS going to SBMS main menu upon losing
  28. Fixed mouse not changing to the normal menu cursor upon going back to the main menu when a different cursor was selected in the Simulation room
  29. Added new image for Moonrunner's Ion Shotgun


  1. Laser Turret fixed being able to target untargetable units
  2. Enemy Ships now don't show their laminate shield model when invisible, Pings no longer follow invisible units, and will use the last known coordinates or 0,0 if the unit is invisible. Enemy unit stats are no longer shown if the unit is invisible
  3. Beam Cannon on Stormbreaker now only fires if it has an attack target and the target is in front of it, instead of just firing when any player unit was in range and the cooldown was off
  4. Fixed Fighter AI using the unit's target variables without checking if the target existed by using the saved target_x and target_y variables
  5. Toulouse Base mission now has units start shut down and come online sequentially
  6. Fixed Target Allies duration only lasting the standard 10 seconds instead of what the max duration was set to X
  7. Fixed new units spawning outside the south hangar, removed leves spawning, fixed "SLIZR88" to "SLIZER88" in the story messages, reduced time before urdswan shuts down from 20 seconds to 10, Urdswan now attacks triarus units when spawned and has its enemy type set to enemy_units
  8. RIMS abilities now show their cooldown in seconds instead of steps on the UI
  9. <!-- x-tinymce/html -->Fixed Target Allies not using the proper function to order units to attack each other,Fixed Target Allies duration only lasting the standard 10 seconds instead of what the max duration was set to<!-- x-tinymce/html --> fixed not working if a visible player unit was on the map<!-- x-tinymce/html -->
  10. Mission 8 f<!-- x-tinymce/html -->ixed new units spawning outside the south hangar, removed leves spawning, fixed "SLIZR88" to "SLIZER88" in the story messages, reduced time before urdswan shuts down from 20 seconds to 10, Urdswan now attacks triarus units when spawned and has its enemy type set to enemy_units, decreased time for urdswan to go online and for it to fire EMP rockets
  11. <!-- x-tinymce/html -->Added loading bar animation when intercepting enemy messages
  12. Fixed DeGaulle not switching weapons because it did not have its weapons variable set to 2
  13. Fixed Enemy Unit stats not showing the variable names if a player unit was not selected as well
  14. Mission Fake Slizer Base starting point moved down and to the right, removed two Reaper Hells, increased the supply from 120 to 160
  15. Fuel Tank ability now has a minimum target distance to activate, added UI element to show fuel and removed fuel text
  16. Mission 10 now has the dialogue appear after the intercepted message appears, Fake Slizer Base mission fixed "proessing" to "processing", moved Urdswan ping to happen sooner, fixed enemy units not reinforcing Urdswan because they weren't capable of aggressive move, enemy units reinforce Urdswan before it goes offline as well, modified dialogue in missions 11
  17. Added a unit model for drones
  18. Aquila primary weapon accuracy reduced from 20 to 10
  19. Mission 10 dialogue edited, time to armiger starting up decreased from 120 to 60 seconds, increased time for enemy reinforcements from 5 to 100 seconds, increased supply from 100 to 200, moved Armiger to the right and down, fixed message when mainbase reaches extraction zone crashing the game, added frequencies to some story messages and made them not optical messages, added AM field missile deployed during the mission?, moved Planning deployed units position left by 200 when they are moved closer and now are set to full speed, increased Mainbase minimum health to trigger end of game objective from .5 to .6 to .75, added more explosions to Mainbase at the end
  20. Enemy stealth now reactivates at full energy, Velite energy decreased from 200 to 100, stealth energy cost decreased from 2 to 1.5
  21. Triarus energy decreased from 200 to 150, Reaper supply cost increased from 28 to 40
  22. Enemy Triarus accuracy decreased from 22 to 20, Aquila2 energy reduced from 200 to 100
  23. Fixed enemy units all showing the plasma, player units all showing the laser weapon icon in game <!-- x-tinymce/html -->when placed without a function and before UI object was made.
  24. Aquila2 armor reduced from 20 to 12, fixed beam cannon being turned on but not registered as turned on so it was using the beam cannon stats but not using ammo, beam cannon ability now uses the weapon_fired script, secondary weapon accuracy reduced from 26 to 15, missile range decreased from 600 to 200, missile cooldown decreased from 10 to 1 second, energy recharge decreased from 1 to 0, targeting speed decreased from 40 to 20, increased targeting time from 20 to 60
  25. Mission 6 added dialogue warning player about the Aquilifer, Mission 12 supply increased from 150 to 200
  26. Armiger primary weapon type changed from laser to firearm, changed weapon types from plasma for Missile Tower to explosive, Sensor Tower to no weapons, AML Tower to laser, Laser Tower to no weapons, Enemy Pelican to laser, Stormbreaker to none, Stormsunder to laser, Raven to laser, Desolator missile ammo increased from 100 to 200, changed missile spawn point pattern
  27. Added Disruption Field, Field names, timers, and sizes have been put into the field object, TNNP, smoke field fixed not inheriting the field draw event, smoke field set to have the field parent
  28. Ability tooltips now have two line breaks between the title and description, Ghost units and buildings now have their tooltips for abilities modified like other units, Ghost units now show their tooltips, Revenant now uses rebindable keys
  29. Fixed Stormsunder, Wraith 2, and Banshee not having a selected image, Finished Spectre selected image, made a selected image for drone units


  1. Allies Sensor Tower now uses the selected image for the sensor tower instead of the tower image
  2. Missile Turret, Sprayer Turret, Scram Rail Gun, High Powered Beam Gun now become visible when activated by not allowing the Planning and Simulation rooms to set buildings in ambush, removed old ambush code from Laser Turret which might have been able to cause a crash
  3. [1.18b18 added Rammer plans]
  4. Finished Explorator, Sabotage Boat plans, fixed Reaper, Gunbarrow, Wingguard, and Pummeler plans having their images in the wrong order, fixed Rammer not having second glowing plans and added more detail to it
  5. Fixed fighter Selected Image being offset
  6. Laser turret now uses the order_attack function instead of just attacking, which makes its attack use accuracy and damage drop
  7. Standardised the bar drawn for ability timers under units with the draw_ability_timer_bar function
  8. Added a target unit image when selecting units for abilities
  9. Lowered weapon sounds volume from .25 to .1
  10. Unit targeted abilities now use the new target animation
  11. Missions 2 and 3 resources reward increased from 200 to 500
  12. Fixed Planning room showing Aircraft information for Battlecruisers and added Allies Battlecruiser descriptions.
  13. Moved the enemy unit style button in the Planning room down and to the right
  14. Added red text boxes, implemented it in the Planning room for enemy names
  15. Moved unit and building type buttons in the Planning room down and separated them
  16. Pushed unit buttons up in the Planning Room
  17. <!-- x-tinymce/html -->Seagull in game name fixed from "Seaghull", a<!-- x-tinymce/html -->dded 4 second delay time before Seagulls deploy units, added a UI image for transported units, moved down the text alert for spawned units
  18. Reduced rotational acceleration of Allies destroyers
  19. Added Squtarius to the Allies unit list (it existed before but wasn't on the list), made it a parent of enemy_units instead if player_units, fixed the flares ability not being set to target player missiles, fixed the Feeder Shield not having AI for enemy use
  20. Added a Sprayer Turret to the player starting units
  21. Fixed location of Beziers Air base in the Navigation room
  22. Mission 4 transport now enters the map, fixed triggers stopping after enemy units go online if you attack them before the dialogue has finished, and set evac to be only available after the dialogue had finished, fixed the beacon animation not moving
  23. Mission 6 now has its triggers restored, which were suppressed for testing purposes, fixed Pelicans not moving by setting them to go online
  24. Missile Turret fixed having the wrong unit number, so it was being treated as the laser turret, using its weapons and upgrades
  25. Mission 6 fixed Urdswan not being recognised if the DeGaulle had been destroyed, crashing the game.
  26. Images now use the apply_unit_stats function to fix them not having the right size for the box behind their names, added a set_unit_name_box_width function to set that separately for Mirage images. Images now for some reason do not appear any different even though they are using a blended colour, so the colour has been changed
  27. Added a dark version of the second map in mission 6, but not sure how to implement it
  28. Sprayer turret fixed using the second range variable as the length of the spray area (as it was originally intended to function) instead of being the max range, fixed Jammer Turret alternate weapon 1 range being 200 instead of 220, which was not the same as the ability's range
  29. Retreat order given to DeGaulle and Stormbreaker instead of giving it the retreat AI mode, and fixed the smoke missile being sent to non-relative coordinates, sending them far away, fixed Stormbreakers not being destroyed when they leave the map in
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