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Savage 2 has been updated with two new updates recently, some new skills has been added for chosen units, hunter has received a whole new attack and several bugs, glitches and a whole lot balance changes has been made. Stay tuned, in some hours 1.8.0 will be released with a totally new server browser, new voice commands, updated voice for squads and a whole lot more!

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The changelog has been posted here, for more information please visit the official homepage.

Version 1.7.8
Bug fixes:
- Fixed some issues where the hunter would sometimes get stuck in a certain animation.
- Any skills with push-back effects will now apply the push back even if the target of the skill successfully blocks the skill

CC Panel improvements (thanks Stanz):
-Fixed a bug where once the CCPanel was closed your input would still go to the last active input field.
-Fixed a bug where typing in the CCPanel would go to input fields outside the CCPanel.
-Fixed a bug making the input fields sometimes hard to click on.
-Fixed a bug playing the sound when the chat window was re-buffering (each time it was shown).
-Fixed a bug that would play the received sound when sending chat messages.
-Made improvements to some input fields, making them properly retain focus as long as the window has focus.

- New map, Bunker. This is a port of the original Savage 1 map
- Updated blocker on several of our existing maps
- Fixed some spots where players could get stuck on rocks on Desolation

- The root applied by Entangle Trap skill will no longer be broken by trivial damage sources. Players entangled by this spell will break free once they have sustained 50 or more damage, or once the spell has finished its full duration of 2.5 seconds.

- Wing spin re-worked:
* Wingspin no longer freezes the hunter in place
* Wingspin is now a constant 360 spin for 6 seconds. During these 6 seconds nearby enemies will be hit with 70 damage every 0.5 seconds. Note the 70 damage will be reduced by armor, and that the overall damage per second of this attack is comparable to the Hunter's normal melee attack chain.
* Wingspin also provides immunity from ranged damage and a small armor bonus to the hunter for its 6 second duration
* Wingspin slows the hunter's movement to 70%. The hunter may still sprint, but may not charge or dodge
* New sounds, effects, and animation to match the new functionality
* Note that the damage inflicted by this skill can be blocked. Most classes should be able to block 3 attacks, the 4th attack breaking the block meter.
- Frenzy re-worked:
* Removed stamina leech
* When frenzy is activated, successful melee hits on enemies will apply a speed buff to the hunter. The speed buff is a 25% increase in movement speed for 3 seconds
* Note that the speed buff will not be applied if the attack is blocked
- Slightly reduced the attack time of the Hunter's third melee attack. This will slightly reduce the delay after completing a melee flurry before the hunter can perform other melee actions.

- The root applied by the Entangle spell will no longer be broken by trivial damage sources. Players entangled by this spell will break free once they have sustained 50 or more damage, or once the spell has finished its full duration of 3.5 seconds.
- Chant of Life and Arcane Chant have been combined into one skill, Chant of Restoration. This chant will heal allies within its radius while also restoring their mana
* This skill costs 7 mana per second to use, decreased from the previous 10 per second of Chant of Life
* NOTE: The shaman is still rewarded in experience and gold for both healing done and mana restored. The end result is that this spell has a higher yield of gold and experience than either of the shaman's previous chants.

- Increased mana regeneration rate from 2.5 per second to 3

- Reduced armor from 7 to 5

- New chaplain skill, Shield of Sol:
* When activated, instead of taking damage from enemy attacks, the chaplain will instead be healed for 40% of the damage dealt
* This ability causes the chaplain to be immobile and is a toggle skill, similar to Hunter's sleep
* The effects of this ability last for a maximum of 8 seconds
- Increased hit points healed by Heal spell to 138 from 120
- Increased hit points healed by Group Heal spell to 75 from 50

- Decreased melee damage by 10%

- New enduring item:
* Advanced Sights (for humans) or Magic Amplifier (for beasts). Increased ranged weapon damage by 25%
* This new item costs 700 gold and requires the siege workshop or charmshrine
- Stone Hide and Plate Mail armor items slow movement speed by 5%. Cost for both items increased to 650 from 550
- While active, Shield of Wisdom will play a unique hit effect when struck by melee or ranged weapons
- Power Absorption will no longer trigger on hunter's venemous.

- Decreased the cool down of Centurion Armor to 1 minute 40 seconds, down from 2 minutes
- Dispell is now a single-target snap cast spell rather than area of effect spell. This spell should no longer be missing its intended target. Decreased cool down to 20 seconds from 25.

Modding notes:

- All melee skills in Savage 2 can now apply a state to the user of the skill (as well as specifying a custom duration)

Version 1.7.9

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug where buildings were taking double the damage from the Hunter's Wing Spin
- Fixed an issue with Shield of Sol that was causing the hit effect to play when damage was taken from damage over time effects
* The hit effect and sound will now only play as a result of direct damage from guns, skills, and melee attacks
- Fixed an issue that would cause the Hunter's Wing Spin not to go into cool down if the hunter was hit with a stunning ability, such as Double Strike
* Note that the Hunter is, currently, still not able to be stunned while using Wing Spin. This is intentional, and not a bug.

- Modified some hills on Bunker so that players cannot walk up them
- Reduced the size of some bushes on Bunker to cause less interference with ranged attacks

- Wing Spin damage to structures effectively cut in half (as per the bug fix above)
- Wing Spin now requires the nexus

- Power Absorption now returns 100 mana when consuming a harmful state, increased from 60.

The release for patch version 1.8.0 is very close, so please stay tuned at the official homepages.

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