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Development has officially begun on our first game project, Saturn-X.

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2 Spy Games has officially commenced work on their first project: A free, sci-fi survival horror game called Saturn-X. In the furthest reaches of the solar system, a decrepit space station stuck in a decaying orbit around Saturn named 'Saturn-X' has sent out a distress signal to the engineering vessel the CS Valiant. Intrigued by the call for help and the promise of a good pay check, the crew of the CS Valiant send you, Reagan Rhodes, to investigate. You board the Saturn-X to find the crew dead and the major life support systems teetering on the edge of failure. It's up to you to determine what happened and escape the Saturn-X.

Link to game trailer
Link to GameJolt page
Official website

Development has only just begun on the game (We haven't even started programming the game) and as such many features are subject to change.

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