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"Better a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war." -Ancient Proverb

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Arbiters of Dai

The group was founded by Jedi Master and Senator Mace Windu, now known as Emperor Windu, and former Mandalore Cassus Vohn, now known as Deus Dai. The organization is legally recognized by the Nexus Enclave and its subjects.

The Arbiters of Dai established themselves on Paladius and Ansion. The Arbiter headquarters focuses on practicality and its facilities are of superb quality.

One of the many tasks of the Arbiters of Dai is to spread the Jedi way, as understood by its members, to the greater galaxy and teach the citizens of the Nexus Enclave the beauty of the galaxy and uphold truth and harmony. Beyond their role as teachers, they also extend humanitarian aid to those in need across the galaxy. The Arbiters also serve in capacity similar to the old Republic senate guard and Jedi temple guard, supplementing an already strong defense by offering its best members to become Silver Revenants. Finally, in similar vein to the Jedi an Arbiter of Dai can assist local authorities and act as a mediator in disputes.

The group has broken apart from the Nexus Enclave due to ideological differences between its government and the ruling body of the Arbiters.

The Arbiters of Dai re-established themselves on other worlds, away from those who would limit or make demands of the order.

One of the many tasks of the Arbiters of Dai is to spread the Jedi way, as understood by its members, to the greater galaxy and teach to all those willing to listen the beauty of the galaxy and uphold truth and harmony. Beyond their role as teachers, they also extend humanitarian aid to those in need across the galaxy. Finally, in similar vein to the Jedi an Arbiter of Dai can assist local authorities and act as a mediator in disputes.

From its humble beginning the early members, hand-picked by Deus Dai himself, a council in similar vein to that of the Jedi was established. The “Conclave”, as it was known, consisted of seven senior Arbiters. These seven would instruct recruits and delegate assignments.

The Arbiters of Dai follow a simple rank structure, derivative of the Jedi rank structure. At the bottom are the Disciples, beginners whom have started down the honorable path. At this stage most of them also dropout or are rejected. Next are the Crusaders, these are a mesh of Disciples who have completed their training and have had experience in the field. They help other Disciples grow. Next we have the Templars, experienced and wise and often times seen instructing those of a rank beneath them or mediating conflict. Finally, we have the Sages which make up the Conclave. These are the most experienced and wisest rather than strongest.

All members, Disciple, Crusader, Templar and Sage, are Arbiters of Dai once they enter the field and are expected to uphold the beliefs and tenets of the Jedi Order. Although the Jedi Code may not directly apply to an Arbiter it is memorized and known along with other core Jedi tenets and principles.

An Arbiter will strive to maintain the harmony and order through peaceful means, settling disputes diplomatically rather than by force. Should the need arise however, every Arbiter is well-versed in non-lethal methods to neutralize a combatant and make an arrest.

“Better a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.”

All Arbiters are honor bound to help the weak and feeble in any way they can, offering shelter and protection in their time of need. Part of the tenets is to learn a deep respect for all living things in the galaxy and have a willingness to self-sacrifice in order to keep the peace and preserve the beauty of harmony.

The “Blades of Truth” crest, is derived from that of the Jedi with some Mandalorian inspiration. Surrounding the central motif is a crescent, broken by seven spheres. These spheres represent the leadership of the Conclave. The crescent represents the two halves the Arbiters swear to defend, the ideals of the Jedi and the innocents of the galaxy. In the center are two mirrored, winged blades. They represent justice and the freedom it brings.

All members adopt “Dai” as a part of their surname.

Code of the Arbiter
Derived from the Jedi Code and modified for those who are not touched by the Force, the code of the Arbiter is taught to promote self-improvement through the body and mind. It is taught in conjunction with the Jedi Code.

In clarity, there is peace.
In prudence, there is knowledge.
In focus, there is serenity
In discipline, there is harmony.
In death, there is the Force.

These verses are sometimes shortened.

In clarity, peace.
In prudence, knowledge.
In focus, serenity
In discipline, harmony.
In death, the Force.

The Arbiters of Dai are a volunteer force; this makes them rather sparse in number. Many join out of respect and willingness to help, aspiring to be Jedi-like. Often times however, recruits dropout or are rejected due to the strict and harsh nature of the training sessions. Often these recruits are recommended to join the military in some capacity or police forces.

Conversely, former military and police forces try to join the Arbiters of Dai after having seen the Jedi Order in action or once they have been discharged.

The Arbiters of Dai operate sanctuaries where members gather to train and study. All sanctuaries are open to the public and a safe haven to those in need but there are sections which are warded off. These are private rooms, the Conclave chambers, training facilities and forges and the Simulacrum, the database of the Arbiters.

Absolute Courage
Located on Paladius. This facility is open to the citizens of the planet and provides those in need with food and a place to stay for a limited amount of time, though due to its location in the polar region it hardly gets any visitors however, leaving the Arbiters to their training and operations. It maintains several public facilities as well, including a Simulacrum. Warded off from the citizens are private rooms, Conclave chambers, training and instruction areas as well as the Simulacrum and forge.

Ascendant Justice
Located on Ansion. This facility is open to the citizens of the planet and provides those in need with food and a place to stay for a limited amount of time. It maintains several public facilities as well, including a library. Warded off from the citizens are private rooms, Conclave chambers, training and instruction areas as well as the Simulacrum and forge. The purpose of this sanctuary is to remain on watch for attacks beyond from the unknown.

Located on an Aetherwing-class Cruiser, the Exalted Truth is a mobile sanctuary serving on the forefront of humanitarian missions. It allows the Arbiters to project their influence across the Nexus Enclave. It comes fully stocked with all the required amenities including forge and Simulacrum.

The Five Disciplines
Indirectly created by the Echani, the Noghri, the Followers of Palawa and the Mandalorians. The five disciplines are five combat styles an Arbiter can learn, reminiscent of the Jedi Lightsaber forms.

Discipline of Fire
Associated with the heart, force, passion and raw power. Its motto is “The Enemy Is Engaged”. This discipline is characterized by swift, uncompromising onslaught, holding nothing back and recklessly attacking an adversary, it was believed you could vanquish an opponent before he had the chance to steel himself. Speed and savagery characterized this discipline.

Discipline of Water
Associated with the bone, flexibility, supporting, adaptability and sympathy. Its motto is “The Enemy Is Countered”. This discipline trained to move with an opponent's attacks in order to nullify them. They maintained constant awareness in order to defend against all aggression.

Discipline of Wind
Associated with the eyes, growth, flourish and reaching outward. Its motto is “The Enemy Is Known”. This discipline believed that to truly understand a foe would confer the greatest advantage upon a warrior.

Discipline of Earth
Associated with the flesh, stability, durability and bearing. Its motto is “The Enemy Is Outlast”. This discipline pushed to withstand all aggression without retreat. It was believed that if the enemy could not match in endurance, then a battle could be won without having even commenced.

Discipline of Ether
Associated with the lung, concentrating, reserving and abundance. Its motto is “The Enemy Is Dominated”. This discipline believed the clearest path to victory was to choke an opponent of all resources; that sheer strength could erase any resistance.

Out of the handful of recruits who joined the Arbiters of Dai on their onset six stood out. Better said, they remained standing as all others either gave up or threw up at the hands of the nightmarish initiation rite of the former Ori’verda. These six joined the man known as Cassus Vohn and formed the Conclave, they were the first Sages and the first of the Arbiters of Dai.

The names of the Sages are Thrance, Arthea, Y'sanne, Siv Zirias, Sangha and N’raas. All have adopted the surname “Dai” and have claimed a Sentinel for themselves.

The six sentinels are Class VI droids, or artificial intelligences, each assigned to a Sage in an effort to oversee mentoring of disciples and crusaders and assist in communications. Created by combining the resources of the Neucom, Ouroboros and Nexus Enclave contractors the sentinels are very sophisticated but still come with limitations in their programming known as “precepts”, equivalent to rules for the AI to follow. A sentinel is usually packed in a slim, palm-sized datapad with a transparent screen and hologram emitter.

There are six known as Cordylon, Simaris, Suda, Vull, Apnar and Sark. Each customized to the individual Sage and with their own personality and identity.

Equipped with the knowledge and will to change the galaxy for the better even at their own cost. Every Arbiter possess a rudimentary ability to negotiate diplomatically, settling disputes with words rather than by conflict.

Should it be required of them to step into action then they will reluctantly draw their weapon to dismantle a hostile situation. Their primary weapon, an ancient Jedi-inspired sword, is outfitted with a power pack in the handle which would electrify the specially crafted, dull blade and stun opponents. For encounters that required distance an Arbiter could rely on a wrist-mounted stunner.

The armour an Arbiter would wear is made of a simple, yet sturdy material. Essentially little more than a lightweight combat vest with matching gauntlets and greaves, the bare minimum required for protection against a stray blaster. Due to this they often wield a wrist-mounted energy shield, similar to that used by riot police or native militaries on Naboo.

All equipment an Arbiter has is created by the Arbiter themselves within a sanctuary. No two swords or armours are exactly alike.

Obsidian Brand
Modelled after one of the last existing Force-imbued swords formerly used by the Jedi. An Obsidian Brand is to an Arbiter what the Lightsaber is to a Jedi and, much like the Jedi and their lightsabers, an Obsidian Brand is made by an Arbiter themselves. But this is where the similarities end.

At its core each blade is made out of an obsidian-cortosis mixture, this renders the blade lightsaber resistant. When sharpened can produce an extremely clean cut. Contrary to common practice, an Arbiter uses the obsidian for its durability and the blade is actually made dull.

Within the handle lies a powerful power pack which electrifies the dull blade, turning it into what can be described as an oversized stun baton, but much more precise and safer. Depending on the power pack the brands can come out looking blue, green, yellow, purple or pink.

Fiber Tunic
Reinforced Fiber Armor was a type of light armor that was crafted by armorers on worlds where metals were in short supply. Its makeup consisted of the fibers of the jung-ju tree bound together with synthetic materials, thus offering good, flexible protection. Fiber armor was especially designed to channel energy-weapon attacks away from the body. The fibers woven into its exterior caused it to absorb and harmlessly disperse energy damage. However, fiber armor was far from perfect; and lucky shots managed to pass through.

Taking inspiration from this thousand-year old technology the Arbiter’s Fiber Tunic uses quantum fiber instead, keeping the same effect as traditional reinforced fiber armor.

The Fiber Tunic is lightweight and flexible to allow for good protection and mobility. The tunic is, to some degree, modular. Various gear can be attached to the tunic such as first aid, cloaks and most commonly wrist-based stun blasters in addition to other weapons and items.

Commonly the tunic comes in typical Arbiter green with elaborate, symmetrical designs. Each Fiber Tunic is crafted by the Arbiters themselves, paying homage to the Mandalorian heritage of the Arbiters of Dai.

Liberty-class Starfighter 12m
The XZ-40 Liberty is a heavy Starfighter designed specifically for the Arbiters of Dai. The Starfighter can adapt to fill in various roles but its role is that of heavy fighter primarily.

The vessel draws inspiration of the age old designs but is heavily updated in comparison. For example; the cockpit now has extra space for another occupant and the vessel is overal much faster, even when compared to contemporary starfighters.

The Liberty comes with two heavy and two light ion cannons along with an ion pulse missile launcher. An astromech socket is place just behind the cockpit which features a pilot ejection seat. Its shields are weaker than those of most starfighters but regenerate much faster, the hull is made of light-yet-durable duranium. The Liberty is also fully capable of performing reconnaisance with its sensor package and comes equipped with a hyperdrive.

Protector-class Shuttle 94m
Redesigned after a series of ancient schematics to be an all-purpose transport vessel for the Arbiters of Dai, the YX-59 Protector-class Light Corvette is generally a very fast and well-shielded, albeit lightly armed, transport shuttle and a home away from home for an Arbiter. Its quadranium-reinforced farium hull may not stand up to much but its shields have an increased regenartion rate to compensate. It comes with the same Arbiter green finish as other starships.

The Protector is armed with two dual medium ion cannons, two light point defense lasers, a single ion pulse missile launcher and carries four defender ion mines.

Depending on the configuration a Protector may be outfitted with amenities for an individual Arbiter on an important mission or for multiple passengers. The Protector is fully capable and has plenty of space to fit a smaller version of the Simulacrum or forge found inside a sanctuary or can carry several dozens of refugees or supplies as contraband within hidden compartments. The Protector has several escape pods.

It is fast enough to break nearly any blockade and has an advanced hyperdrive system.

Songfire-class Cruiser 315m
Inspired by age old Republic designs the YX-74 Songfire-class Light Cruiser sports an Arbiter green finish to symbolize the shared message of the Arbiters of Dai and the galaxy.

Although not a combat ship the Songfire is very fast at hyperspeed and lightspeed and has strong shields that can regenerate at an increased rate to brave the dangers of the galaxy. It is the chosen transport of the Arbiters. It has escape pods and an emergency power generator.

The Songfire is armed with four dual light ion cannons, two medium ion cannons, two quad ion cannons, two light point defense lasers, a tractor beam and carries ten defender ion mines. The vessel can also carry twelve starfighters and two shuttles.

Though not equipped for combat its ion-based armament can be modified for lethality should the need ever arise. The vessel is quick, small and sturdy.

Aetherwing-class Cruiser 520m
Similar to an ancient warship used by the Old Republic the Neucom and Ouroboros hybrid-designed successor, the YX-90 Aetherwing-class cruiser, comes with the same green finish used by all Arbiters.

The Aetherwing is not a warship but sports an impressive defense and excellent speed. It can survive and outrun many opponents but it also comes with an ace in the form of defender ion mines, to deter any assailant that gives chase.

Though small the vessel can comfortably act as a home away from home for a large portion of the Arbiters of Dai, serving as a mobile training facility in lieu of the old Jedi Praxeum ships. It comes with three emergency power generators, escape pods and five tractor beam generators.

Should an Aetherwing be forced to enter battle it can defend itself with ten twin-ion cannons, thirty regular ion cannons, ten ion pulse missile launchers, ten light point defense lasers and the twenty defender ion mines it carries. It has a hangar capacity for one-hundred-sixty starfighters and thirty shuttles.

Naval Assets
The Arbiters of Dai maintain a small fleet of starships which are used to patrol the galaxy, providing humanitarian aid and mediating in conflict.

1x - Aetherwing-class Cruisers

4x - Songfire-class Cruisers
"Songfire", "Devotion", "Exalted Truth" and "Noble Mission"

27x - Protector-class Corvetts

216x (18 squadrons) - Liberty-class Starfighters

+20 Arbiters per galactic standard month (10 days)
+10,000,000 dataries per galactic standard month (10 days)
+4 ship capacity (5 used)
+1000 Arbiter capacity (430 Arbiters trained)
Treasury: 330,000,000 dataries

Liberty-class squadron 1,000,000 dataries
Protector-class at 5,000,000 dataries
Songfire-class at 20,000,000 dataries
Aetherwing-class at 50,000,000 dataries
Sanctuary at 100,000,000 dataries

+two ship capacity (not including starfighters or light corvettes)
+5,000,000 dataries every galactic standard month (10 days)
+10 Arbiters every galactic standard month (10 days)
+500 Arbiter capacity

Ships over 1000 metres are not allowed.
One sanctuary per sector
Five sanctuaries maximum (two used)

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