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After crea­ting the water, the land and the living things, some­thing still seemed to be mis­sing in our murky swamp. We talk about it every day — mostly to stran­gers, but still it wasn’t obvious to us... Our Engine Programmer finally discovered the problem and has implemented it for us, once again bringing the world of Schein one step closer to completion.

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Posted in Engine Programming | Feb 26, 2013 | by Phil­ipp Schä­fer

Lately I’ve mainly been working on some secret “engine-endgame/-story stuff” (bos­ses, effects). I don’t want to reveal any spoi­lers or bore you to death with company-founding stuff howe­ver, so here are some things I did which are worth tel­ling…

I star­ted to add a small wea­t­her sys­tem to the game, which allows us to make it rain or even start a thun­der­storm in our dark environ­ment. The rain­drops are rea­li­zed with our par­ti­cle sys­tem and to simu­late motion blur they are drawn as lines. The dar­k­ness is imple­men­ted as a con­stant which has effect on our back­ground shader and the fluid fore­ground. The light­ning makes use of the same shader con­stant and algo­rithm, only with oppo­site effect. It is cal­cu­la­ted using two phase shif­ted sinus func­tions and a tan­gent func­tion (for the hard cut).

The wea­t­her will have dif­fe­rent pro­per­ties in each level to enhance the fee­ling of a large and diverse world. It will also fea­ture func­tions to create the right mood during our story parts and boss fights.

We had some ugly visual effects that were cau­sed by mul­tisam­pling, so for a long time we deve­l­o­ped on com­ple­tely wit­hout it. I am happy to announce that the sam­pling is up and run­ning again, so you won’t need to miss it in the next Dev-Demo update.
I also stum­bled over some papers dea­ling full­screen anti alia­sing – if you’d like to see it imple­men­ted, just leave me a com­ment and I will raise its prio­rity.

Post scrip­tum
Because my blog post tur­ned out to be kind of short this time… let’s end it with some shader bugs I cap­tu­red while crea­ting the red light effect.

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