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With the alpha released now (or very soon) I thought I’d lay out what you’re getting, the current state of the game and future plans. I won’t waffle on don’t worry.

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Samphi is now entering alpha funding. There's a good few reasons I'm doing this that I've explained here before. Bottom line, by buying the alpha you are actively funding future development of the game. There's so much more I want to do with Samphi, this is literally just the beginning. For that however I need funds and a community, hopefully alpha funding will go some way to achieving this.

By purchasing this alpha you will get immediate access to alpha v1.0 and be a part of this community from the very start!

By purchasing the game at this early stage and supporting development, you will get all future versions for free. Not bad for just £2.99/$4.99! There is so much I want to do with Samphi, and now I have my stable world up and running I can start doing that. The story, RPG mechanics, skill sets, pets, possible multiplayer are all things that I would like to start implementing and exploring.

The alpha for Samphi is going to cost £3.99 as standard but from release until January 1st 2014 it will be discounted to £2.99. This is in the hope that it will get more people interested, develop a bigger community and ultimately lead to a better game.

If you do decide to support development then thank you VERY much. If not, then thanks for checking it out anyway! I'm leaving the last release of the pre-alpha available (0.5) for those who want to play the game but not purchase the alpha. The release is pretty buggy, about 6 months old and no longer supported but hey it's free!

While you're here I'd like to also point out that Samphi is on Greenlight. If you like the look of the game I'd appreciate a Yes vote over there! Every vote really does count so it appreciated if you do! Head here to place your vote.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the development of Samphi there are a couple of Twitter account you can follow. @greeny_games is my personal account where I post all my general ramblings, and @samphigame is where I post game updates and news.

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