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A quick overview of items added in 0.5 and some tips on gameplay that you might not know.

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Items Added

Wheat - You can now harvest the wheat plant. It is planted using the seeds gained from digging dirt. Once planted it will grow and Is harvested by holding the left mouse button.

Bread - Bread is created by crafting wheat. It heals more health than anything else so is currently the best food item in game.

Wool - When you kill sheep they will now drop wool. This can then be used to craft a bed by crafting sticks and wool.

Bed - By crafting sticks and wool you create a bed. This can be placed on the ground in the same way that a crafting bench is and is slept in by left clicking. You can only sleep when the moon is out!

Gameplay Tips

  • To eat you drag the icon of the food over your character. This will make him eat. You can also do this with the dog.
  • If you right click an icon with the crafting screen open it will snap to your craft bin. Time saver.
  • Pressing Z toggles control between you and your dog.
  • You can re-position the crafting and gear screens by dragging their top corner.
  • By holding LMB while your cursor is over your dog you can select weather to make the dog sit or stay.
  • You can sleep by pressing on the bed. This can only be done when the moon is up.

This is a really brief overview, but should point out a few areas in which you should expect to find bugs.

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