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Salty Seabird bay is has been released on Steam Early Access. However, we have decided to cut the scope of the game and the full release will be a lot sooner than originally thought. Check out the new release trailer!

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Ahoy! Did you enjoy the trailer. Here's some important news about the future of the game.

We chose to shift the scale down. Instead of the originally intended six game modes, we will be releasing the game with the current four modes. In short: the game will be released a lot sooner, we will also reduce the price. We will reduce the price as soon as Steam allows us. You can buy the game at the current price if you can't wait or really want to support us. Otherwise, please wishlist!

We arrived at the decision to cut the game shorter because crafting those two game modes would take a lot of time and resources, possibly more than six months because we are a bit of perfectionists and like to do things well. But it would not be feasible, business wise.

Purely local multiplayer games are more niche genre than we originally suspected. Adding popular features like online multiplayer and AI bots could boost the game's audience but as a tiny team, adding them would take way too much of our resources. We would love to create (and play of course) those planned modes so it was a hard decision to make but we did it for love of games and art. So that we could make more of them in the future, we had to cut our losses on this one.

We will polish the game, add some stuff that we were intending to add anyways, like new settings and new cards for Quadtrouble. There shall be at least one more pirate captain to be added as well.

The game will be as good ol' fun as it ever was, just a bit smaller package of it.

We will also lower the price. Hopefully this way the game can reach more players.

As usual, see you on the high seas!

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