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Just a quick update to say that "SALT isn't dead!". Plus SALT is having it's first public playable début in March!

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Hey all,Just a quick update to say that "SALT isn't dead!". I've basically started a position as Art Director at a newly created dev collaboration called "A Brave Plan" - we are working on a really cool unannounced project right now, but it has taken most of my time as of late. However SALT has been bubbling away on the back burner with me occasionally making bug lists and designing a newer (and much sexier) interface for it.

In news going along with that, SALT will actually be making it's public debut this year! It will be showing as part of London's Rezzed Expo in March due to some friends lending me some space on their booth. So I'm getting some plans together of features I want in place for the event.In other OTHER news, SALT has had it's name extended. You may or may not of heard there is another indie game out there in the world called Salt?? It is an open world, craft system based game. So to avoid any confusion SALT needed a name change. After many chats with people about possible names and ones being decided on and then ending up hating them a few days later we have finally come across one THAT DOESN'T SUCK! *huzzah!*

So from now on, SALT's full title is "SALT; A Social Story". Which shortens to the wonderful acronym of SASS <3

*I'll be posting some WIPs up later today so you can see how things are coming along*

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