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Prologue of the "Salah`Zarr War". English version. I translated it hard.

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"They're all fools .... Yes ... fools.

Just fools. Thirsty authorities. The thirst for power - it .... It has an incredible property of submission. She subjugates anyone .... Like an angel ... So is a demon. The thirst for power made the Hierarch go against his own ... Barmagont thought he was in favor of the good of the universe ... But he was wrong. And now he comes to you for the sake of an alliance .... Hah ... Unions .... What kind of unions can there be, my dear friend. He was frightened of Zoran, he was afraid of his power ... But we know something with you, that Zoran is just an instrument. A tool that has already become rusted with corrosion .... And what dumb fellows these people were passed through .... Listened to his speeches and believed that he would save them. How .... Saves. He just wanted to turn into God for them ... And be like the rest of the Hierarchs .... A Barmagont was afraid that this troublemaker would be able to end his power .... But Zoran will not eliminate the evil in this universe .... Because Zoran is weak.... Weak deadman....Evil must be punished .... And not Zoran will become his executioner. But we are with you .... We are together .... As one. Together we will put an end to the power of these insufferable rebels ..... I know that you still doubt .... I look through the whole universe .... To penetrate inside. .. In the very womb of your ancient soul. And I see that you doubt .... You're afraid .... You still have fear, my friend. But you have to reject it ..... If you want to defeat evil - reject your fear .... Get rid of it .... Stop your inner voice interfering with your actions .... Turn it off .... Listen to me. ... Attend to me .... Conquer me .... And leave your fears in the past ..... Very soon the time of change will begin. Zoran is already dead .... Soon there will be a turn of others ..... The whole universe will shudder. I saw it .... I saw in my visions .... A new update will happen soon .... The new universe will rise from the ashes .... A new life will be born in the dark .... But to create a new world .... We must destroy everything old. The old is doomed. And it must die. I created this order .... I will destroy it .... We will be able to win with you. You have to believe me. I'm even older than you. Where is the ancient. I was the oldest even when the first stars were born .... I was always ... Until the Firstborn .... Before the stars and planets .... Before galaxies and clusters ... Before life and death ... Until time .... I was always. And I will always be ..... For I am the Creator of everything and everything .... And the end of everything and everything .... The one who makes the Light, believes that the struggle with me was crowned with success .... But I will soon show them... I will show that Orlik has risen again from the void .... Two Creators in this universe can not be .... Like the Greatest of the Gods. And that's why, you and I should win. We are together .... You and me. Believe in yourself, my dear Sala` Zarr .... Orlik with you .... He will always be with you ..... Because Orlik is me. The end of the old times. And the beginning of a new life. Life and death ..... "

The voice finally fell silent. This terrible and terrifying singing stopped. Sala 'Zarr shook his head sharply, trying to get rid of the monstrous noises. But still they did not abate. It would seem that the whole temple shuddered from these sounds. Creepy voice penetrated into the very soul of Sal 'Zarra, made her tremble. He had never felt so helpless before. So weak.
"Yes, monsignor," bowed the ruler, "life and death. And let the old world collapse."
He spoke to him like a slave. His head was always lowered. He did not dare look into the Okulum. For he knew that if he looked at least once, then in an instant he would turn into ashes. In nothing. He just disappears. Disappear forever.
No sooner had Sal 'Zarre recover from this terrible voice, as he sounded again.
- Your army .... - there was a monstrous growl from the side of the shining ring, - Bring it into combat readiness. I want the Dragon flame to fall upon the old world. Dragons .... Demonids .... Torgalides .... Ghosts .... I want everything that lives in Utgard to break into the real world. But first, you must engage all your troops. Let the Potestas fleet lead the first attack. Tell signor Amadeo.... Tell him, that i need him now. I need his forces.... I need them all!
Sala Zarro lowered his head even lower, almost touching the marble floor. He felt an incredible tremor that ran through his ancient body. And this tremor continued to intensify.
"All right, Monsignor," Sala Zarr said, servilely. "I will send a message to don Alejandro. He is ready to serve you as me. The first attack will begin today. And when will your reinforcements come up? Reinforcements ... from the .... hell.
- The army of demons will appear very soon .... - an immediate response came, - You can not even imagine what will fall upon them .... What will they be waiting for .... Tomorrow. Tomorrow......
The voice from the radiance was becoming quieter and louder, and these mysterious sounds began to scare the ruler seriously. For a moment he wanted to look through the ring ... But he understood that he could not. He knew that if he glanced through the portal at least once, his soul would disappear forever. Because Utgard's power was prohibitive.
- Tomorrow ...... - somewhere in the distance heard the whisper of Orlik, - The universe will die ........... Will die ......... Will die ..... Will die. ....... The old world will end ....... And there will be a new .... A new world ...... But they will not see it ..... Haha ... .. ha ha ..... ha ha ..........
For a long time Sala 'Zarr heard this monstrous mad laughter. And with bitterness, he realized that perhaps an ancient force would take him. He was also doomed. Never had he felt such a terrible weakness. One conversation with Orlik took away a lot of energy from him. And who knows what will happen to the once mighty ruler, if Orlik breaks into the real world. What will happen to everyone ...... Who knows ......



I like this one :)

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BagaturKhan Author

yeah this is only Prologue

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