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Grazias signors and signorinas! I made full translation of "Salah`Zarr War" parts. And now its here. You can read in ENG language.

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Salah`Zarr War. Distructorohh.

planet Lequidan.
border areas of Potestas.
city of Burmal, Hidalgos city.

The sea .... The sea .... It so attracted him. It was ... too beatiful. He stood on his majestic loggia and looked out into the distance, smoking a dark cigar. Today he dressed in his brand military suit of khaki color. On his head he planted his favorite landing beret. He did not want anything but contemplation of this immense and truly fascinating beauty. The sea was very close to his hacienda. He bought this little house quite recently. I always wanted to get this, even as a simple general in the service of President Francesco. And now his dream came true.
Don Amadeo Shpago always loved seascapes. Moreover, he used to lock himself in his residence for a couple of hours and draw wonderful pictures. In the former presidential palace there was already a lot of his works. Don Alejandro, the envoy from the Consistory, has often admired Shpago's works, calling him a real artist. The sea was everywhere present in the pictures. Shpago loved the sea. Madly loved. He was too long in his dreams, and now the time has come when he got what he wanted. Although ... did he get everything?
Amadeo looked again at the amazing landscape that opened ahead. Green palms, dozens of picturesque beaches and blue-blue sea admired his soul for a long time. And the sun was shining brightly. The local star was considered one of the brightest in all the territories of Potestas. Sometimes Shpago's native world was called "paradise". And these magnificent and beautiful spaces delighted the eyes. Amadeo disconnected from all his worries and problems. Shpago just looked at the sea. I watched, forgetting about everything.
- Yeah .... - Amadeo quietly whispered in his native language, - Beautiful .... How beautiful here .....
He again dragged on his cigar and sucked in thick trickles of smoke. Bliss overwhelmed his soul. It would Seem, he was happy. Yes, he got himself a hard way. You can say that he came to his goal by corpses. After all, Amadeo Shpago was recently appointed president of Lekvydan for the place of the late Francesco. Amadeo was a simple man, who rose to a high rank. In his youth he had never seen the sea, as he lived in giant slum quarters behind Burmal. And now he clearly understood that all his former life would not return. He got everything he wanted. Amadeo fulfilled his goal. He fulfilled the mission, which he started back in his distant youth.
But suddenly Amadeo felt a sharp chill. Cold, which was rapidly growing. His heart sank noticeably, and from such a strong surprise, the president dropped the cigar down. The weather was pretty warm outside, and the sun was shining too bright, but Shpago felt cold. He wanted to throw a bear's fur coat on himself and wrap it up in it entirely. Glancing at his hands, he found that they were white. However, all the skin of Amadeo has turned into something pale and almost devoid of life.
"Beautiful here, right?" - suddenly there was a hoarse voice behind the ruler, - Even I admire ....
Shpago immediately turned aside. But as soon as he did, he had to return to the starting position after a moment. He turned again to face the majestic landscape. Looking at the sea and the beautiful expanses, he no longer felt admiration. All these bright feelings and emotions have evaporated somewhere.
Next to Amadeo was a rather dangerous person. This strange man dressed in a military suit, and also had a dark beret on his head. But his eyes were covered with dark glasses, and his face .... abounded with scars and cuts. The lip of the mysterious entity was not at all, making his face even more creepy.
"Ah, Signor Thistle," Amadeo said submissively, trying not to look at his companion. "I did not think you were coming here." I thought you had other things to do.
From the direction of the mysterious person, strong rales were heard. His breath was hard and heavy. But Shpago knew perfectly well that the reason here was not illness. Rather, something completely different, more mysterious and terrible.
"I lost contact with Jörmund," Signore growled Thistle, "and that saddens me." It happened about twenty minutes ago. And I already believed that we are close.
Amadeo felt the strongest fear that bound his body. He already completely forgot about the admiration of the sea. The president was looking into the void, just to get rid of the contemplation of this eerie creature. He wanted to get out of the balcony as quickly as possible. In those seconds terrible thoughts rushed into his head. They told him that he had not achieved any goal. And that on the contrary, it would be better if he died in the slums, rather than chose such a dark path. Thousands fell upon the head of the unfortunate ruler. They tormented him and tortured him. He suddenly felt so pathetic and helpless. Even the beautiful sea seemed so remote and unattainable.
" But you said that the Sala`Zarrs fleet is already in the Zakromah system ?!" - Amadeo groaned with great excitement, not even knowing what to say to him, "Is that not so?" They should have already finished! And Jermund .... I thought it was impossible to destroy it. He is invulnerable .... Just like you, Monsignor."
The cold was still growing in Shpago's soul. He no longer imagined how to fight it. His hands and feet began to tremble quietly. And in the head visibly strained vessels. He had never felt this way before. Obviously, the Thistle became stronger ..... Or not .... Something else became stronger. Stronger and more powerful.
- Sala` Zarr directed the flotilla, - heard the words of the Thistle, who still stood behind the dictator, - and managed to destroy the defense of Zakromach. But Jormund went there earlier. Much earlier. And I do not feel it. All Hypostasis feel a connection between each other .... A Jormund ... He just evaporated.
"Perhaps something has happened?" the president asked in perplexity.
Although to admit, he almost lost his mind. Thoughts about the sea disappeared into the unknown, as if they did not exist at all. Now Amadeo wanted more than anything in the world to get rid of this Thistle. But much worse thoughts came into his head when he remembered that he had concluded this accursed contract. They were connected with Sal 'Zarr. They are bound by a common oath. And He Who dwells in the Depth, will never leave them.
"We have enemies there," the Thistle wheezed. "And extremely dangerous." So far I can not control them. It's because I'm too weak. You are weak here. In the real world. The most I can do is use Hypostasis. Jormund .... Kurolysk .... Python ..... Morich ..... Hypostasis can be thousands. But they are mortal. The same will happen with this one.
The voice of the strange creature became more and more deaf. It even lacked intonation. This gave the president a goose bump.
"I need Deškin to quickly find the Shard," the mysterious man continued his speech. "A splinter for me." So I can get out. Look at me, Amadeo ... Look what has become of me.
An unknown force made Shpago turn around. President Lekvydan himself did not expect this. His body turned to Thistle itself. The bones of the ruler almost burst from such a powerful effect. He felt his back begin to crack violently. But there was nothing he could do about it. He was so helpless now.
Looking in the face of the Thistle, Amadeo felt an incredible fear, even worse than the one that haunted him moments ago. He madly wanted to turn his eyes away from this entity, but the sorcerous force tied him. He looked and looked into this ominous disfigured face. His face. The face, the One who dwells in the Depth. Monstrous scars disfigured the Thistle face. The nose had already deformed, and the mouth was almost a bloody wound.
"My Hypostasis can not stay long in the Living World," Thistle growled through his teeth, "Orlik wants to break free." He wants to be free .... I'm already tired of being in the cloister of the cold .... Understand me. Splinters are necessary to me in order to break through .... Break through here.
The president did not find the strength to respond. He remained standing on the balcony, frozen like a statue. His eyes dug into the face of the interlocutor and could not tear himself away from them. Mysterious magic attracted Amadeo, fettered his body. He could not make a single movement at that moment.
"That's why I hope Adashev will succeed," he heard a hoarse voice from the lips of Hypostasis. "And he'll find the Shard already today ... If Two Splinters unite, then ......"
At that moment Thistle coughed heavily. He began to cough with such force that he probably tore his whole throat. This rumble lasted almost a full minute. After this, the messenger Orlik spat on the balcony something black and sinister. This mysterious couple briefly swirled in the air, and then flew out of the hacienda area, heading towards the beautiful sea spaces.
But the president did not care. His gift of speech was lost, and not soon he will return to him. He just stood there, as if stunned, and listened to the terrible essence. He listened his every word.
"If the Two Splinters join, then all these miserable creatures will end," the Thistle smirked ominously, exposing his sharp wedge-shaped teeth. "But know .... Know that if you lose. If you and Sala`Zarr will fail me ...... You will not find peace .... Never get. If I, the great Orlik, stay vegetated in Utgard, then I will eat you all. I'll rape your souls .... That after death they will necessarily come to me .... And then ... Nothing will stop me. And nothing will save you!"

Planet Alhambra.
El Romano, lands near the main capital.

The Alhambrians succeeded in summoning mercenaries from the planet of Iirk, who were known for their strict discipline and fighting ability. The Iiirkan condottieri were experienced people, but not like Captain Mauritio Proxim Deshkin. Deškin himself took a position along with the company in the gorge among the gigantic plain, where fierce battles were fought. Some of the Iirkans went on the offensive, but the training of Daeshkin's soldiers always saved the situation. The sons of Potestas suffered minimal losses, while the condottier lost hundreds of soldiers.
- On you! Get it, you poor thing! - Bordan shouted fiercely in all his throat, releasing a queue for the queue from Fron's large-caliber automatic weapon.
The shells had just demolished their heads and tore the torsos to the three advancing condottiers.
"Fuck you! Rebels of Sembar!" Cried Sergeant Pavlo, shooting from the crossbow. Bolt of Pavlo pierced one of the Iirkan soldiers right in the heart, and exploded. The blast smashed the comrades of the murdered soldier and himself into small pieces.
"Yes, that's them, Pavlo," Bordan said with a grin. "Death to the enemies of Salazarr!"
"Of course," Pavlo smiled. "Sheikh Sembar will be furious."
"Like Salazarr," Captain Deshkin, dressed in silver armor and holding a shield and an assault rifle with a bayonet, picked up. "Ah, and when the fucking Adashev sends us an order. Honestly, I'm already tired of sitting here. Fuck this crap.
"Yes, Adashev always hesitates," Bordan said with a grin. - Probably now sitting with Amadeo in his villa and fucking with sexy brunettes."
"Yes, and drinking a martini," Pavlo put in.
After that, a wave of laughter swept over the soldiers in the gorge.
"Aha-ha," Captain Deshkin grinned. - Right.
"Heh, dude, it's good to have a drink now," Bordan said with a smile.
"Yes," said the captain. "Do not just die, do not you dare!" In the evening, nifles will bring such an ale, you will not find it in the whole universe!
"I'll try to live up to this moment," the standard-bearer said enthusiastically.
But here the laughter of the soldiers was interrupted by the cry of one of the soldiers:
- Here they are!
To the gorge, where the lancers of Potestas settled, a whole platoon of the Iiirkan condottiers approached with the support of the self-gunners. Opponents immediately opened fire on the lancers.
- Lie down! - Cried Dashkin sharply.
His example was followed by all other soldiers, including officers. One of the lancers was killed by a bursting shell, which hit the head directly. Several Uhlans tried to come out from behind a ridge of stones. They had already prepared a copier for battle, but they did not have time to shoot. The Iirkans opened a heavy fire, which immediately tore the bodies of the five lancers into pieces.
- Raise the shields! Shouted Deškin all over his throat.
The Lancers immediately raised their shields upward, not allowing them to fly by the projectile, and squatted. The shields were made of such a strong metal that they beat the shells away from themselves. But the Irkans guessed that the stones were the weak point and started shooting at the stones.
"Damn, they're kicking their legs right now," one of the lancers yelled, glancing down.
Boulders, behind which the soldiers settled, began to crumble.
- Fire! - commanded the captain. - Open fire!
Soldiers obeyed the order, and put the submachine guns forward at the lightning speed, like spears. The return fire of the sons of Potestas crumpled the first line of the rebels. Condottieri fell to the ground with the bodies rotted. Even tungsten armor did not save them.
Suddenly, a voice was heard in the walkie-talkie, built into Deshkin's glove-plate.
"Captain ... Captain." Sit, do not stick your head out. .... We ... are coming to your aid ....
Though the noise and a little drowned out the voice, but the captain realized that reinforcements are coming.
Dashkin brought the radio to his mouth and shouted:
"Who's talking?"
A half-minute later the same voice was heard.
- Says ... shhhhh .... Hjotli .... Commander of the first battalion .... Glory to the Greatest of the Gods ... Long Live Darkness..
- Well. Only you can give life. Long live Salahzarr! End of communication. - Dershkin nervously cried, pressing the answer button.
Reinforcements from Dark-Lin were already coming up. It remained only to hold out. Meanwhile, the firing from both sides did not stop. Enemy bullets have already struck two lancers, under which crumbled stones. One of Potestas's soldiers leaned out from behind the shield and wanted to hurl a grenade, but the enemy's shell shattered his head. The grenade next to him fell and smashed two lancers standing side by side. Three wounded the fragments.
- Allies of Dark'Lin on the way! Keep the defense! - Dashkin sharply commanded, hiding behind a shield, and shooting blindly on the enemy.
"The Hecatonhairs will save the case," Bordan grinned, despite the hard battle. The standard bearer did not let go of the New Potestas banner for a second. He was shielded by a shield, one of the lancers named Sergio. Bordan fired at the enemy from behind the shield, supported by Sergio. But then the Ensign realized that his automatic pistol had run out of ammunition. He already discharged most of the clip.
"Dashkin," shouted Bordan. "My cartridges are running out." And the banner poked through.
"Say thank you, not your head," said Dashkin. "Give the banner of Sergio and take up the defense."
"Yes," the standard-bearer obeyed.
Bordan immediately grabbed Sergio's square shield, and he himself was handed a banner.
"Lie down, Sergio," he shouted to the soldier. The ensign was no different from the other lancers except for the tantalum cuirasses and the cleaver on the side.
Bordan slipped the gun barrel through the side opening of the shield, and opened fire. He did not see in whom he fired, he just burned without tire. He knew that his large-caliber projectiles would carry a torso or head to some enemy. From the attackers they heard shouts of the wounded and dying.
Suddenly, Deškin sensed that the enemies had stopped firing on the warriors who had settled in the gorge. From the enemy's side, indiscriminate volleys were heard. Also there was a roar of engines.
The captain poked his head out from behind the shield for a moment and looked at the picture of the battle. The Iirkan condottieri fired upon the anti-gravity battle platform Dark'Lin flying toward them. It was also called a simple word - antigrav. It resembled a conventional BMP, but the difference was that it flew and was controlled by demons, with the support of the Hecatonchair infantry. Soldiers of the Greatest of the Gods fired from the loopholes of anti-grief. Sniper rifles of hecatonhair were considered the best in the all-around. The laser beams percolated through the Irkans, depriving them of their limbs and burning their bodies to ridges. "Antigrav" immediately landed. Opened a huge steel hatch, and from there jumped furiously yelling hekatonhairy, armed with battle axes. Snipers covered the fighters from loopholes. The first line of the Iirkans and Sembar's soldiers immediately fell to the ground. Dark's forces rushed to the remaining fighters. The commander of the rescue, armed with a two-handed ax, drove his cannon right into the chest of the first condottier, raised it above him, and threw away like a giant a mad dog. The others began to finish off the wounded and the survivors.
Dashkin looked at it all, strangely enough, not on the best side. But outwardly he was extremely pleased with the arrival of reinforcements.
"Put the fire down!" He shouted to the Uhlans as loudly as possible. - Remove the shield wall!
The soldiers obeyed. They again hung the guns on their chests, and the shields were attached to their backs. Bordan gave Sergio his weapon and took the Potestas banner.

"How many wounded have we got?" - seriously asked Dashkin, recovered from the fight.
- It seems that there are no such, - answered Bordan. - Unfortunately, there are dead.
"How many of them, Bohr?" - Asked the captain, examining the lancers.
"Twelve people," Pavlo replied bitterly, standing next to the standard-bearer.
Deškin lowered his head for a moment. His cloak was soiled in mud and sweat. Armor and tunic were no better. Actually, all the sons of Potestas had such a look in a few hours of heavy fighting.
"Is the radio operator Stefano alive?" Dashkin asked, raising his head.
"Yes, he's alive," Stefano replied. It turned out that he was standing behind the captain, but the latter did not even notice him. "I dare to report, my radio was destroyed by a crazy shell."
"It's bad," said the captain. "But I have mine." Nothing, Adashev will give you a new one. The fallen are already having a feast with their ancestors in taverns of the afterlife, but we are lying in the mud. But the main thing is that we won this battle. I do not know what kind of order the "junior" junta will give us.
"Listen to the boss," Bordan said. - And what about the fallen?
At the same time, Deškin's voice in the walkie-talkie, built into the glove, was heard by General Adashev.
- Captain ... ... .. Captain Dashkin .... How do you hear? Reception! ..........
Even through the hindrances, the captain easily recognized the voice of his general.
- It's quiet, it's Igor Adashev, - the excited voices of the uhlans were heard.
Everyone froze in anticipation of a new order.
"I hear you well, your honor," replied Dashkin, pressing the answer key. "What are your orders?"
After this, the radio again hissed, and then after ten seconds, Adashev's excited voice was heard.
- Captain, I sent reinforcements ......
"Yes, General," said Deškin.
"Now ..." Adashev's voice was heard. - Your task is to break through the third line of defense heretics ... .. Since you are the best of the best, Amadeo instructed this task to you. Bombers ... will clean the perimeter of enemy heavy guns.
"Sure," the captain replied.
Next to him came the excited voices of the soldiers.
- Listen further .... Igor hissed his voice. - Your company must kill all enemy infantrymen to one .... You must make your way to one of the pillboxes, where the command center of Sembar is located and blow it up with a plutonium charge ... Sergeant Walter will give you an explosive ... Look for him among the Dark'lin fighters ...
"I understand, General," said Deškin.
"Captain," the general's voice was heard again. "Do not fail Potestas." The entire command center must be destroyed. Do not spare anyone ... Good luck.
"Thank you, Your Honor," said the captain of the Uhlans.
"End of communication," came the reply. After this, the connection between the general and the soldiers was interrupted.
Soldiers were still talking too excitedly.
But Dashkin abruptly interrupted their conversations.
- So, everyone's attention to me! The commander said loudly. The soldiers heard the order and turned to face him. Bordan sat down on the boulder, ready to listen.
"Warriors," said the captain. - General Igor Siriel Adashev demands from us to break through the third line of defense of the sheikh and blow up his command center. I will take care of the last one myself. Your task is to engage in battle with the enemy, and cover for me while I carry the charge.
"I understand, Captain," answered Bordan. "Then we'll have to give Sergio's banner."
"Permission," said Dashkin. - Did you understand everything?
"Yes, comrade," came the voice of the soldiers throughout the company. Abrupt tension from them immediately subsided. But the emotion still felt. After all, many uhlans finished the academy last month.
"Now to our Dark-colleges." They will give me a charge, "said Deškin.
At the command of the captain, the lancers left the gorge and headed for the wounded kondotierov, hekatonhairam. Soldiers were holding machine guns ready. Shields from the back of the warriors removed. From a distance they resembled ancient spearmen, but instead of spears they had automatic weapons with bayonets. Several Uhlans carried heavy weapons: rockets and crossbows. Sergio carried the banner of Potestas, trying not to drop it because of his heaviness. Demons Dark 'Lyne cleared the territory. Part of them drew attention to the warriors running towards them. One of the Boogeys in brown armor approached Captain Deškin.
"Captain, you need a parcel from the general," the big man said and handed him a casket. Dashkin immediately opened the box. There were two small devices resembling keychains.
"What's on the right is a detonator." - said the burglar. "Be careful, this is a very powerful weapon." Above him, Karadzios himself worked, more accurately with him, I beg you.
"Thank you, Walter," the captain answered, closing the box and slipping it into his own bandolier.
The captain was approached by another pale-skinned, taller man. It was the commander of the assistance - Herr Hjotli. He was considered a good mercenary from among the alien races. He was also named one of the strongest fighters in the Dark'Lin Empire. With him, Deškin was familiar from the time of the war with the rebellious crocodiles. And when on the planet of Abbas the demons-ifriti rebelled, Hjotli even saved Deškin's life.
"Sir Mautitio Dashkin, I'm glad to meet you," said Hjötli softly, embracing the captain.
"Me too," said Dashkin, pressing the hecatonheira to himself.
"Hello, you white-haired," - Bordan said with a grin.
"And hello to you hairy primate," laughed Hjötli. "Oh, Bordan, you're still the same. You are fucking cocksucker... You didn`t changed since the war with Jiins.
"And that," remarked the standard-bearer. "People do not change, my friend."
"Well, I would not say," said the captain. "But we'll talk about this later."
"Yes, of course," said the ensign. - After battle…. If we live, of course. I hope, God Salazar and this your ... The greatest One will help us.

"So, guys," the captain said aloud, to the nearby soldiers. "Do you remember Igor's order?" Cover me while I'm charging, okay?
"Yes, my captain," answered Bordan. "Oh, that's the banner." I'll have to give it to Sergio again. If you allow, of course ....
"Undoubtedly," said Dashkin, taking out a messenger from his pack. "How about the demons?"
"The whole platoon has only ten bottles," the standard-bearer reported. "I do not know if it's enough for the whole battle."
"Yes, it's fine," Sergio said, getting in the conversation. "One such ifrit can throw a whole tank ... Yes, while the Potestas turntables probably cleared the perimeter."
"Let's say," said Deškin. - And if the enemy will help? Do you think demons are enough?
"I'm sure of that, Captain," Sergio said, pulling a bottle of red from his knapsack. The Spirit did just that, darting over it like a fish.
"Good boy," patted Sergio's bottle, trying to calm down the ancient demon, who had come into a wild rage.
"Okay, let's say you're right," said the captain. - Demons are pretty strong when you let them go free. They work no worse than any grenade. And if there are up to three thousand enemies? How do we do it, do you think?
"So, we use them skillfully," Sergio concluded. "Captain, you are the most experienced person." Our company thanks to you can and against the division to speak. Already with such weapons as now, we simply spray the enemy into molecules. I think it's even steeper than ectos.
"Heh," said Dashkin, looking at the black from the explosions, the sky. "All you, Sergio, spray and destroy." You do not understand the very essence of the war, all its horror.
"However, Salazarr does not understand her either," the captain whispered to himself later.
Such thoughts often came to his head. He used to drive them away, but for some reason he did not. He was surprised to find that he believed this mysterious voice coming from somewhere in the depths
"Sir, you did not understand," Sergio said. - If you mean that I like war, you are mistaken.
"Yes, my friend," said Bordan. "I like peace for a long time." But in Potestas it's impossible, we have such a life: fight al die. The other is not given. Now, according to such laws, many people live .... Even the inhabitants of Pezos. Only pagan and rebel will not submit.
"Come on, guys, you'd better switch to a combat operation," said the captain. "And do not let it happen, Salazarre, you'll talk about it at headquarters." I do not want to lose you because of the bosses' aggressions.
"Yes, we are only on this topic and we are on duty," said Bordan. He has already prepared a shield and machine for combat operations.
"That's it," said Deškin. "Now let's get to work." Where are these white-throated Darklins?
The captain began to look around. From the former prosperity of the Alhambra there is no trace. The entire gigantic plain was riddled with explosions. In the fields fighting was conducted. Tanks, robots, demons and infantry Potestas fought with rebel warriors. The rebels are about to lose the third line of defense. Rot Dashkin was deployed in a small crater of a giant battlefield. Firing, rumbling of explosions, roar overcoming sound barriers, fighter jets were heard everywhere.
"We're here, sir," came a squeaky voice. Hecatonhaires had already arrived in time for the sons of Potestas, preparing for battle.
"What orders, Herr Dashkin?" asked Captain Hyletly, armed with a giant blood-stained blood, ax.
"As if you did not hear," the commander replied. - First you cover me from the enemies, then I break into the enemy bunker, and I explode the charge. You are still fighting with the enemy. Try to keep the whole company. Thirteen people in the battle with the condottieri, now, Salazar, their souls have died.
"Yes, min-Herr," said the ally. - The order was understood.
"I wonder why Adashev should make you blast the bunker with an atomic charge?" Is it possible, for example, to crack the Sembar database, or something else? - inserted here his phrase Bordan.
The captain froze for a moment. He really seemed a bit strange to Igor's order. Why just blow this fucking bunker? Usually, when wars are waged, it is customary to capture such important points in enemy defenses. And then burglars are sent to captured bunkers, who copy the database and send it to the orbital station or flagship spaceport.
"Something's wrong," Deškin whispered to the inner voice. He seemed to warn him. This made the captain cold.
- Hey, bro, what are you doing? Captain Bordan called.
"No," said the captain, embarrassed. - Just thinking. Excitement before the battle, it all happens.
"Ah, well, tady is understandable," the standard-bearer said with a grin. "This is from an ancient Gaelic proverb:" And the feeling of fear is inherent in the brave. "
"How well-read you are, Ensign," smiled Dashkin.
"Yes," said Sergeant Pavlo, standing next to him. "He's not an easy guy."
"And yet you did not answer," Bordan said.
"Honestly," said Dashkin. "The order is an order." And I do not give a shit! We can not disobey him, in the end.
"You're right," Bordan confirmed. "Really, what's the difference?" I decided, fool, to ask you this. Honest .... What kind of asshole am I after that!
"Do not blame yourself," the captain advised the ensign. - It is not right. He asked, well, okay.
Here, Deškin's radio hissed again. Adashev's message from outer space was again transmitted.
- Dashkin ... .. as you can hear, reception ...... - the general's voice was heard.
"Yes, my general, it's all right," Deškin shouted into the walkie-talkie, which was built into the glove-plate.
- Start the operation immediately! Ordered the general.
"Yes, your honor," said the captain. "I understand you."
"The air zone of the perimeter is clear," Igor's voice said. - ... The destroyers destroyed all the enemy aircraft ... .. But you will face an obstacle ... .. The bunker is guarded by two battalions of Grenadiers of the Alhambra with the support of three armored vehicles ... .. Be careful ... ..
"I understand, sir, thank you," said Deškin. Soldiers standing around him again began to talk excitedly.
- How the bunker will be destroyed .... Report the situation .... End of communication ... "said the general.
After this, the connection with the commander was interrupted.

Dashkin looked toward the soldiers. On the faces of the soldiers there was a certain fatigue. But despite this, they tried to look proudly and straight. Bordan, as always, had a slightly gay look. It was in his blood.
"So, in a minute, we'll start an attack," Deškin said, looking at the soldiers in the eyes.
"I thought so," said the standard-bearer. - But take it into account, Cap. Stay in touch even when you penetrate deep into the bunker.
"I do not know," the captain said. - If there are no blocking signals, then the connection will be maintained.
"We hope for the best, comrade," Bordan said smilingly. "In the name of Salazarra!"
- So, the company! - went to the commanding tone of Dashkin. - Get in line all!
The sons of Potestas vividly obeyed the order. Those soldiers who sat on the ground immediately got up. They put their rations back in their satchels, and began to build the structure. A half-minute before the captain was the entire IV company of the Sons of Potestas. The soldiers looked ahead and nowhere else. After all, today they should forget about their personal lives, and look death in the eye. Bordan and Sergio stood in front of the line of brothers. Sergio held a huge standard with the image of the sign of the New Potestas. It consisted of a multitude of occult symbols and the coat of Potestas depicting the sign of the Force from the language of the God of Salazar. Nearby was a detachment of hecatonhairs with heavy weapons. The armor and tunics of the soldiers were stained with blood and mud. But the main thing in this battle was the fighting spirit of the Lancers, a morale that exceeded even the courage of the Dark Voltigeurs of Blodberg.
- Are you ready to start a battle with the enemies of Potestas? The captain asked the Uhlans sternly.
"That's right, Captain," the soldiers of Potestas said in chorus, in an even and clear single voice.
"Prepare yourself for the possibility that some of you may no longer drink a mug of ale tonight," said the captain. "But you must remember that you are the soldiers of Salazarra." Prepare for rebirth after your death. . Let us pray to our patron and die for our country, as befits warriors! Hooray!
- Ur-ra! Shouted the soldiers in chorus. "Long live Salazarr!" Long live the Potestas and Consistorium!
- On the first second, calculate! Ordered Ensign Bordan.
The soldiers obeyed. They began to carry out the orders of the standard-bearer acting on behalf of the captain. When the warriors settled in the opposite direction, the captain said:
- So. Our task is to break through the enemy's defenses. For me do not worry, I will easily carry out the command. About three, we begin the attack!
For these three seconds, he once again looked at his tablet, working with a satellite of the planet, built into the helmet, the entire terrain. His company needed to break through the defense, breaking all the enemies. Dashkin also needed not only to blow up the charge, but also to have time to move away from the place of the explosion to a sufficient distance and take away the soldiers, and then just press the detonator button. As soon as the captain found out everything, he pressed the button on the helmet and removed the tablet. The soldiers, at the command of the captain, lowered them halfway in the helmets. From the open places there were only holes for the eyes. Shields of warriors put forward and prepared machines.
- One! Two! Three! Go! Fucking go! - Cried Deashkin in the throat.
Warriors with a battle cry rushed to the battle for the captain. Bordan fled to the attack, shielding his friend with a shield. Sergio carried the banner, holding it above his head even higher than before Bordan. Ahead of Dashkin and his company lined up a fairly fortified line of defense alhambrians. The warriors of the sheikh occupied trenches lined with metal layers. The sons of Potestas did not have time to close their shields, as the enemy guns spoke. The shelling began from the enemy's laser artillery. Laser charges rushed to the lancers at the speed of light. The first warrior lost his shield and left arm, and fell to the ground. The second was demolished by the charge of his head, charring beneath all the skin and part of the armor.
- Fire! Fire! - Dashkin shouted in all his throat, while not reducing the speed of running. - Shields raise! Shells with ectos to battle!
Part of the Potestas soldiers stopped at a run and began to water the enemy with bursts of ectosian shells from the coppers. The shells fought the enemies in the trenches, and melted their flesh and armor. Ten enemy fighters immediately perished. But the enemy did not lose his head and strengthened the barrage. Laser shells burnt three lancers, charring their torsos, and tearing off their limbs. The Alhambraan soldiers opened fire from carbines with poisonous cartridges. One of these cartridges hit some lancers in the face, and he collapsed to the ground with the head decaying alive. The enemy grenade tore off the legs of two of the lancers, wounding the shrapnel of their comrades running into battle. The Uhlans fired on the run, but aimed not worse than the snipers. Bordan and Dashkin mowed three enemies in three seconds. The guys Sergeant Pavlo took up the case. They stopped and opened fire from rocket launchers and anti-tank guns. The crossbow bolt Pavlo got directly into the laser gun of the insurgents, initiating an explosion, the kinetic energy of which smashed all the artillery calculations into pieces. The rockets of heavy weapons fighters hit several targets at once. They were programmed to destroy the enemy by thermal radiation. The explosions carried fifteen enemy grenadiers into pieces. The Hecatonhairs did not doze too, and they led barrage of laser guns at the enemies. Two Dark's fighters threw titanium axes, which penetrated the skulls of enemies no worse than shells. The battle took an extremely fierce character.
- Demons to battle! - Captain Dashkin shouted in all his throat, not stopping the fire. "Let's make a real hell for heretics!" The glory of Sala 'Zarr! Glory to Potestas!
On the run, the lancers immediately hung the submachine guns on their chests, and took out bottles of demons from the bags. They quickly threw them directly at the enemies. The bottle was only four, but they made a rustle as well as the bombs of storm troopers.
The demons of the war immediately broke free, the bottles crashed, and they created a powerful destructive wave. The magical wave tore apart half a hundred men who had settled in the trenches. Frightened rebels with shouting jumped from the trenches and rushed to escape, trying to avoid the fate of their comrades. The waves of exploding Iftits also destroyed all artillery calculations, undermining laser guns. An enemy armored vehicle, which did not even have time to make a shot, exploded into small pieces. The destructive energy of the explosion tore the car's hood together with the driver into pieces, and then a huge body together with the soldiers. The wave that fled the rebels also covered. One of them was cut off half-naked with the brains of a flying fragment of an armored personnel carrier, another insurgent crashed to the ground, bursting into two halves. The rest fell to the ground, covering their heads with their hands.
- There is! Shouted Bordan. "We raped them!"

The sons of Potestas stopped at the trenches, which were already empty. Dashkin looked back for a moment, examining all the fighters of the company.
"Are you all right?" He asked for a moment. The soldiers nodded their heads. Sergio still held the banner in his hand. Bordan stood next to the captain, and also looked at the men.
Deškin clicked on the radio buttons, asking the same question.
On the fifth channel he was approached by the radio operator Stefano, who, for the time being, was an ordinary fighter.
"Sir," he shouted. - Pedro and André are injured. They need urgent hospitalization.
- Heck! The captain swore. "Private Pedro and André are injured." Bordan, send a doctor to them urgently. Let him examine. In the name of Salazarr, only livelier!
Bordan, seeing a medico in the crowd of soldiers, ran up to him and handed the words of the captain. The doctor immediately ran to execute the order of the captain. He had already prepared medicines, taking off his satchel from his shoulder.
"Has anyone else been hurt?" - shouted Deškin, constantly switching the channels of the radio.
"Sir," the voice of one of the soldiers was heard at that moment. The commander turned his gaze to him. Private soldier ran up to the captain.
"We have five dead, sir," the soldier reported. "But we do not really know ...."
But the warrior was not destined to finish. The enemy arrow with poison pierced his left cheek. The soldier collapsed to the ground, his face began to deform from the poisonous substance.
- Archers! - Shouted Deškin.
Bordan never recovered from the sudden attack. Here, enemy arrows hit a few more targets. The three sons of Potestas fell to the ground and could not even think about the pain.
- Raise the shields! - the captain sharply commanded. - Raise the shields!
The lancers raised their square shields sharply, blocking the arrows. Deškin acted just like the soldiers. Bordan closed his commander's shield. Two rebel arrows immediately dug into his shield. One of the soldiers also defended Sergio, who carried the banner.
- Are we going to fire or start an attack? Bordan asked the commander.
This time the standard-bearer looked worried.
"No, you can not wait." We must advance, "the captain replied.
Then he turned to the soldiers of the company, who covered themselves with shields from enemy arrows.
"The warriors!" Cried the captain. - Everyone on the attack! Let's bend them! In the name of Sal 'Zarra!
- You are frigged crazy! - Objected Bordan.
"Cover yourself with a shield and stay alive," said Dashkin sharply. "Come on!" Shut the havalnik and go !.
After these words, Dashkin rushed to the attack with a battle cry. He was immediately followed by all the soldiers of his company. Bordan was strictly beside the captain. The sons of Potestas jumped over the trenches and headed forward, following the commander and standard-bearer. Dashkin switched to voice control of the helmet. He gave the order, and before his eyes appeared holo-tablet, which transmitted the image from the satellite. Ahead of the sons of Potestas blocked the way about three hundred enemy fighters in full arms. These were the same grenadiers, considered the best fighters of the sheikh, who wore heavy armor. The best of the followers of Khaton. Grenadiers had high-tech weapons. Because they were worthy of unprepared fighters. They were displayed on the tablet with red moving dots. Dashkin removed the tablet, exposing the shield in front of him.
- Guys! Cried the captain on the run. - Prepare for hand-to-hand combat. Bayonets are ready!
- Dark'Lean! Cover your left flank! - Bordan shouted to the walkie-talkie, having contacted the fighters.
"Yes, min-Herr," replied Unter Hjötli to his radio, reminiscent of terrestrial satellite phones.
- Pavlo, provide us with a cover from the right flank. Open fire! - shouted in the radio Dashkin. - Immediately open fire! In the name of Potestas! Destroy the rebellious mold!
- There is…. - despite the interference, the sergeant's voice was audible clearly.
Missiles and subversive bolts flew from the right flank of the company and rushed toward the insurgents. The explosions blazed the entire battlefield. The explosive waves overturned about twenty enemies, the rest disappeared into the smoke.
It's good that Deškin managed to give the signal to the soldiers in time. A second after he did, the enemies opened fire. The chemical shells of Khaton worshipers did not break through the shields of the ohlans, but fell into the vulnerable places of their bodies. Two lancers overturned to the ground. The shells hit them in the head. The sons of Potestas opened fire on the run, overturning dozens of enemies on the ground. For a moment the captain looked down. The box with the charge was still lying in his cartridge belt.
The enemy's warriors were approaching. The enemies realized that the Potestas soldiers had decided to win. The rebels of the Alhambra valued force. The commander of the grenadiers in a red turban exposed his saber and swept ahead of his men. The advantage of the Uhlans was that they had strong tungsten shields. The rebels did not have this. Even their armor did not save them from the rage of the Ulan Potestas. The enemy battalion was preparing to fight the brave warriors of Salazarra. The men rushed on each other from both sides. The soldiers shot each other on the run. Some have already fallen to the ground with gunshot bodies, while others have fired shells with solid shields. The Hecatonhaires were already rushing towards the enemy with their axes ready. Hjotli turned a huge ax in front of him, looking menacingly at the enemies. The captain ran out of ammunition in the machine. There was no time to refill the store, and he threw away his weapons. Then he took out a holster from his holster. He loved this weapon more than anything else. After all, they said that his creator was Lord Slavuta himself, now the late Madilim general. He was able to develop weapons based on dark technologies.
Deškin turned it on and forced the weapons demon to release a powerful energy discharge to the enemy. The red lightning escaped from the captain's chaotic gun and struck two rebels running towards them. Their bodies instantly evaporated in a stream of magical energy. The second shot smashed into pieces two more rebels, shooting at the run. The third category destroyed the upper half of the standard bearer along with two comrades. The legs of the enemy ensign fell silently to the ground. At the same time, the lancers with bayonets at the ready crashed into the line of rebel grenadiers, rushing to the enemies. The troops collided, like the ranks of ancient soldiers.

On Bordan, a healthy rebel in a helmet with plume was immediately raced and tried to strike him with a bayonet in the face, but the standard-bearer foresaw the blow and dodged. After that, he with all his might struck the opponent with a shield in the stomach, knocking him off his feet. The rebel fell to the ground and opened, and Bordan immediately pierced him with the bayonet of the assault rifle through and through. The grenadier in a helmet attacked Sergio, trying to knock him down with a blow from the butt, but the newly banned standard-bearer dodged the blow, and pierced the throat of the enemy through the edge of the standard. Dashkin again released a stream of lightning from his own gun, spraying three enemies. After that, the demon of the khao-gun lost energy, but the captain could not wait. He threw the pistol to the ground, and snatched the bastard sword from its scabbard. This sword was forged by blacksmiths from Pezos itself, and was famous for its sharpness on all the lands of Potestas. Three grenadiers attacked Deškin, intending to stab him with bayonets. The captain was shielded from them by a square shield. Soon he emerged from under the shield and cut the sword in half with one of the enemies. Then the captain lashed out and cut the throat of the second enemy. Blood splashed on Deškin's face. This was taken advantage of by a friend of the killed grenadier and pulled out of the scabbard mahayr. The captain anticipated the blow and cut off his hand from the enemy with a powerful blow. Then he swung his sword and plunged it into the chest of the defeated enemy. Bordan furiously fought off the four rebels who had attacked him. He stabbed his bayonet to the right and to the left. Here the captain ran up in time and knocked two men to the ground with one blow. With the rest, Bordan managed to shoot them from the machine gun. Gutted bodies spread out on the ground.
Suddenly, one of the Potestas soldiers frightenedly screamed:
- Grenade!
After that, his voice died down in a deafening explosion. Deškin almost deafened. Bordan was hit by a shock wave. He hardly came to himself. The captain barely opened his eyes, and found that he, too, was lying on the grass. The standard-bearer immediately ran up to him.
- Cap! Cap! You are alive? - He asked excitedly.
- Yes…. Yes ... slightly deafened .... Replied the captain, trying to get off the ground. Bordan helped him in this. The ringing in Deškin's ears quickly died down. The captain rose to his feet.
"Where's my sword?" - First of all he asked.
"There, here," Bordan answered, handing the captain his blade. The sword was all stained with blood. The captain had to wipe it on the grass.
No sooner had friends helped each other, as they were attacked by a rebel captain with a bare saber in his hands. On his way rose one of the lancers, but the rebel with ease brought his head down. The second Ulan tried to stop the enemy, but he dodged and cut off the hand holding the submachine gun.
Sergio, who held the banner skillfully acted with his weapon. In his left hand he held an automatic pistol, in the other - a standard. By a standard, he knocked down all the rebels who tried to strike him. One of Sergio's friends shielded him with a shield. But he did not have time to dodge a poisonous projectile, which hit him right in the head. Ulan immediately fell to the ground and hammered in agony. To help Sergio arrived Hjotli with an ax at the ready. He knocked down the poleaxes of two enemies from the feet, and cut the third with a blade in half. Two halves of the enemy collapsed in different directions.
"Thank you," Sergio said with relief, looking at the pale-skinned man.
Bordan and Dashkin fought together with a hefty rebel commander. The follower of Khaton, who did not recognize Potestas, dealt a crushing blow to the Bordan shield. The ensign was angry. He warmed the enemy with a shield on the head, dressed in a red turban. The rebel toppled over the grass. After this, the ensign nailed him with a bayonet to the ground. Blood flowed from the mouth of the murdered man, and he immediately fell silent.
"You're crap!" Bordan growled fiercely. - Insurgent mold! Go to your Khaton, shitheads! He's already been waiting for you!
"Yes," said Deškin, cleared his throat. - And like you should cover me.
"There's a bunker visible," Bordan shouted. - You seem to go there. You still have a charge?
"Yes, I have," said the captain. - I have to go.
"I'm covering you up to the entrance to the bunker," the standard-bearer said, shaking the shield. Its automatic was half discharged, but this standard bearer did not care.
"Gracie mille," said Deškin. - As agreed.
The battle so far went with varying success. The sons of Potestas were crowding the insurgents' line to the trenches defending the command bunker. Grenadiers fought fiercely, but not as bravely as the soldiers of Sal'zarra. But suddenly three fighter appeared in the sky. The captain thought that they were enemies, but having looked closely, he recognized the Eladraman attack planes "Raven", famous for their speed and maneuverability. Stormtroopers flew over the rebel guns of the anti-aircraft defense, located in the pillboxes, and released from the hatches "solar" bombs. The bombs fell on the traitors by rain, and in a minute all the enemy's air defense was destroyed by a powerful explosion. Now it remains only to penetrate deeply into the command bunker of the rebels and blow up the charge. Khaton's warriors flinched. They did not quite expect a powerful helium strike. The thunder of the explosion stunned them. The sons of Potestas mercilessly punctured wounded enemies with bayonets. Hecatonhey skillfully wielded battle axes, and chopped off the opponents into pieces. From the general dump of battle two warriors broke out.
The captain and standard bearer went into enemy trenches. Leaping down, Bordan took off two of the rebellious archers who envied them. The third enemy Dashkin cut his head. The Rebel's headless body rolled over the steel strata of the trenches. Through the line of trenches was a passage into the bunker.
"Next I myself," said Dashkin to Bordanu. "Take care of yourself."
- Good. - answered the standard-bearer. "Yes, let Salah`Zarr and his Necroforce will be with you.
Dashkin left the standard bearer to shoot enemies in the trenches, and headed for the giant pillbox on the right. There was a passage to the underground command bunker, which the captain had to blow up. He held the shield and sword ready. When he approached the door of the pillbox, it opened. From it jumped an armored soldier sheik, obviously an elite fighter. He did not have time to prepare a shotgun for battle, as Deškin at one stroke cut his chest with his mail. The soldier did not even have time to cry out. The second guardsman drew his sword from its scabbard. Dashkin repulsed the enemy's attack and dug his blade into the opponent's stomach.
Soon the captain penetrated the pillbox. In it was located control of the air defense system, recently destroyed by Eladraman attack aircraft. The pillbox was filled with people. The Sentinels system operated on power. Deškin hid behind the wall from the piercing rays. "Guards" could give an alarm at any moment. There were about five computers in the room, behind which were the signalmen. They contacted the command of Sheikh Sembar. Deškin heard conversations in the Alhambian language. The voices were agitated, it was clear that the rebels, who had rejected Salazarra, were terribly afraid of something. Deškin was given local language lessons at the academy. Now, he really regretted that he did not pay too much attention to it then. But still he tried to disassemble their speech, hiding behind the wall.
"This can not be tolerated," shouted a rebel, apparently a communications officer. - The splinter must not fall into the hands of Potestas. Do you even imagine what will happen? Did not the keepers say? Zakromah has already been attacked ..... Like our world. Orlik should not break into reality.
"Yes, Amir, we need to act." The splinter must be carried away from here. The forces of Potestas break through the defense, - said the second rebel, - by this Shard who did not try to take possession ... That Zoran .... That Potestas ..... But if he falls into the wrong hands .... Crash will come.
Deškin thought their speech a bit complicated, but he sorted something out.
"What the hell is Orlik?" He said to himself. "And what the fuck for a piece of this?".
He did not understand what was happening even before the operation began, now he was completely confused.
"Live more live," a woman screamed. "You see, Salazar's troops are about to kill all our soldiers." They will get to us if we do not make a decision.
"Madhi," another insurgent said in a senile voice. - Calm down. Khaton and Lucretia will not be defeated. They are always with us.
- But still they break through. Sala` Zarr is not the main lump. Said one of the signalmen. - They are run by the force worse .... If it breaks out .... Then the end will come ..... The end of all living things. Nothing remains. Nothing will be .... Everything will die out forever ..... And hell will come.
"Damn them, what are they talking about, what kind of nonsense?" Deškin cursed to himself, already prepared to attack. "And what kind of power is driving Sala'Zarrom ?!".
Now the captain was really confused. In his heart he felt something was wrong. For a second, a shadow crept into his heart. The shadow of doubt. Doubts about the righteousness of his actions. For a moment, he felt himself a servant of evil, who was always afraid to be seen.
"What about the Order?" - heard the remaining voices in the bunker. - They will not come?
"The Order of the Father in complete shit," the cry of a young man said. "They can not be trusted." They have every second working for the enemy. Only we stayed ..... We and the Preservers. Only we remain loyal to Lucretia and Khaton. The rest have long been sold to the darkness! Even Zoran could not save everyone!

"Machir, listen, but where did Radko and Petrius go?" The insurgent commander suddenly asked.
"I do not know, they seem to have gone out for a while," another communications officer answered.
At that moment, Deškin decided to act. He had no choice but to attack immediately. The captain put his sword in its sheath and picked up the assault rifle machine from the floor. He instantly reacted, leaned out of the shelter and opened fire on the defense systems located on the ceiling of the pillbox, and then on the rebels who were in the bunker. The enemies did not have time to raise their weapons, and they were all riddled with powerful automatic fire. The shells tore apart enemy bodies, tore off limbs and blew up a fountain of blood and brains, heads.
Dashkin did not kill everyone. He spared only the old warrior who stopped at the holographic screen of the computer. The entire battlefield seen from the satellite was displayed on the screen. The old rebel fell to his knees. He looked so helpless and exhausted that Deškin felt sorry for him. The old man's uniform was torn from all sides. His beard almost turned into rags. On the tear sacks, the first droplets were already appearing.
"Do not kill, spare!" - he prayed in the language of Potestas, looking at the captain with plaintive eyes. - I beg you .... Please .... Spare! I'll tell you everything ....
The commander never practically never killed old men and women, he never touched children. The captain approached the old man, pointing the muzzle of the machine gun at him and blocking himself with a square shield with the image of the Potestas emblem.
The old man repeated his words again:
"Spare, do not kill." I did not do anything to you.
"Old man, answer me," said Dashkin sharply. - Where is the entrance to the underground command bunker? I know that he is somewhere in this pillbox. Just tell me where.
"Swear by the gods that you will not kill me," the old man demanded. "Swear it!"
"Hmm, you're demanding, Father," Dashkin remarked, still holding the rebel in his gun. "Well, well, I swear ... to the Blessed Ende that I will not touch you."
"I see that you are not an ordinary Potestas warrior," said the old man, still standing in the same position. "You do not swear by your god." I noticed this. Your God is Salazar, why did not you mention his name?
"You're right, Salazar is not really my God," said Dashkin. - I come from a distant planet .... Very far from here. We served another god, we believe in him more than in all the gods of Infinity. Even after accepting the faith in Salazarra, I still did not renounce the Endu .... And yet you did not answer, where is the entrance to the bunker?
"He's here," said the old rebel. - In this room. But tell me, why do you need it?
"Command ordered me to liquidate this bunker," Deškin said sharply. "And I do not have to report." Specify, where the entrance! Come on! More alive!
"If you are sure that you will need it, then it is ..." the old man said slowly.
This rebel was talking somehow strange. He constantly looked around. Dashkin never drove the enemy from sight. He was ready to fire at any moment. And the old man, in the meantime, evoked more and more suspicions. Suddenly he began to breathe very loudly, as if he were seized by a serde. The rebel almost fell to his knees from the mysterious convulsions that swept over his whole body ... Or it was just a game.
The old rebel kept shaking his head all the time. Initially, Deškin took it for the terrible fatigue of an elderly warrior, but then vague suspicions crept into his head. Especially they intensified when the old man stopped turning his head and looked mysteriously at the captain. This look was as if playing. He tried his best to depict the exhaustion and fear, but in the eyes of the elderly rebel there were mischievous sparks.
"He is ..." the old man mumbled, barely audible, starting to tremble.
- Where is? - already more angry tone asked Deškin, - Where is he?
"He's ..." the rebel said again slowly.
But then the frightful horror and plaintive glance quickly evaporated. The old man smiled mockingly, looking into the captain's eyes. And this smile did not give anything good.
"In your ass ....." the rebel chuckled angrily.
After these words, he put his right hand forward. A powerful wave of sorcery fell upon Deškin and threw it aside. The body of Potestas the warrior crashed into something solid at a frenzied speed. The captain's armor nearly burst from such a blow. During the flight, he lost his weapon. But now he clearly knew his enemy. He remembered his face before losing consciousness.
The rebels fired a sorcerer against him. And this sorcerer was extremely dangerous. Deadly dangerous.

"Well, good morning, fucking monkey" came the old voice in the darkness.
And then a dazzling bright light appeared, striking at the furious speed in the commander's face. His eyes were almost blinded by such a radiance. Someone was holding a lantern in front of his face, which was too bright.
After a moment, Deškin clearly understood that he can not move. He realized with horror that he had been tied up from all sides. Glancing down, he froze in place. The commander saw that he was completely bound by some strange mechanical tentacles. They covered the entire body of the commander, preventing him from making even a single movement. The only thing he could do was shake his head. Thank God, his mouth was not sealed with some kind of electrical tape. He could also breathe, although it was extremely difficult for him, as the tentacles pressed against his chest.
- What the hell?! - Denshin cursed angrily. - Where am I?
"Everything is in the same bunker, asshole," the old man's mocking voice answered in response. "At last, the moment of truth has come for all of you. It's time for enlightenment.
Dashkin forced himself with furious power to raise his head higher and see the mysterious enemy. As soon as he glanced forward, he again saw the same old man who almost killed him, bringing his body against the wall of the bunker. But now the commander clearly knew who was in front of him. He already saw the old man's face. I saw long before the operation. Even before going here Captain Dashkin and his squad were present at the briefing. Now the commander remembered that day perfectly. Memory began to return to his head.
He distinctly remembered sitting with his boys on chairs and listening to the speeches of the Lord Commander Enveral, the first after Sal 'Zarra. Enveral told many data. He talked about the monstrous damage done by Zoran, and about the uprisings in several systems. About Zoran, everyone heard only the information about his death, and were thrilled with joy. But the affairs with the uprisings were extremely bad. Mutiny broke out against the power of New Potestas almost everywhere. The Alhambra was once subordinated to the Leqvidan power, but as soon as Amadeo Shpago, a supporter of Potestas, came to power, an insurrection immediately began. The first to be raised was the governor of the Alhambra, the great Sheikh Haarun el Sembar. And then Detkin's detachment was sent to suppress the mutiny along with the main forces of Potestas. Sala` Zarr went to another area of ​​the universe, to the planet Zakromah.
Looking once more into the old man's face, Deškin perfectly remembered him. It was the sheikh himself. Himself the ruler of the planet Alhambra, who raised the revolt against Potestas. But why was he in the bunker? After all, according to Adashev, the great sheikh was located in his residence under the protection of mercenaries and warrior priests who worshiped Khaton. So, the information of Igor Adashev was false. Or someone just set up Dashkin and his team
- Oh my God! - the captain cried out in amazement. "You're a fucking sheikh! Haarun-al-Sembar! I recognize you! I saw your picture. Don Enveral introduced it to me earlier. You are fucking rebel scum....
"Why did I do it?" The sheikh cried in a frenzy. "Why?" Do you know?
Now he did not smile at the captain's face at all. On the contrary, he was terribly angry. The ruler of the planet was a real incarnation of anger.
"Because you are a traitor," Deashkin said, "that's why! So yes, I know. You should have accepted the faith, like the rest. But you stayed with your own! You don`t want to pray Salah`Zarr.
The captain felt that there were other people in the room in which he was kept. Sheikh has already managed to bring all his guards here. But for some reason they were not armed. Dashkin noticed that the guardsmen did not have weapons with them. And moreover, their heads were tied with scarlet ribbons.
"You're right," Haarun al-Sembar replied. "Maybe in the eyes of Sal 'Zarr, I'm a traitor. But not in the eyes of Khaton and Lucretia. They know that my actions are great!
The old man turned his gaze somewhere to the right. The captain also turned his head there and what he saw opened up him into even more confusion. It was a truly strange sight. The three Sheikh guards stood almost close to each other and held in their hands a mysterious casket that was everywhere covered with foreign symbols. For what purpose this casket was intended, the captain certainly did not know, but very much wanted to receive all the information.
"I easily entangled you into a trap," the sheikh growled angrily, approaching Dashkin a distance of a meter. "Yes ... With ease." You do not deserve life! You can only destroy!
These words made Deškin even more pale. He felt a strange feeling inside him. No, it could not be called fury. Rather, on the contrary .... Deškin felt a burning sensation of conscience. Before his eyes, suddenly there were terrible pictures of reprisals that had been committed by his soldiers for many months.
"But all this will come to an end," the leader of the enemies croaked. "Today and now. I will not let Orlik break into our world! Never!
- Who is this Orlik ?! - furiously bellowed Dashkin, finally out of himself, - Who is he? What is this fucking mystery? Can you say?
"I'll tell you," the old man hissed at this, his eyes flashing with horror for a moment. "Your Sala Zarr has always been a puppet ... Side by side with don Amadeo Shpago. Having concluded a contract with Orlik, they condemned this universe to destruction. But for Orlik to come back, we need two artifacts. Artifacts with a name, Splinters Supervrat. But do not be afraid, I hid this Shard deeply. And no one will find it. Your command is in vain hoping for victory. They just used you ..... They needed a Shard for Orlik. They are all slaves! All of his hangers!
- I do not trust you! the captain snapped at once.
He really refused to believe the old man ... In any case, it was like that at first. But then these strange and dangerous thoughts crept into his head again. And most importantly, he was worried by another question. Why did Adashev send him here? The general supposedly knew that the captain and his team would be satisfied with the set up trap. Probably the trap for them all was prepared much earlier.
"I know everything about you," said Haarun, wiping sweat from his forehead. "I know who you are!" I know what your Potestas is! You in vain believe that you are in favor of a just cause. You are even worse than Zoran .... You do not care about your people, but only about what is beneficial to you. But you have no idea .... You do not know who is in charge of you!
At that moment, there was a hissing sound. At first, exhausted Deshkin thought that the enemy was going to use new magic against him. But then I realized that it was the hissing of a walkie-talkie. He could hardly look ahead of himself, but he managed to see the old man holding a mysterious round device in his hand. Obviously, this was his secret negotiating device. Most of all the captain wanted to know about the interlocutor Sembar. The sheikh's eyes showed that he was going to speak with someone powerful.
"Have you got it?" - suddenly heard a friend familiar to the captain, a voice.
The old man tensed noticeably when he heard this question. But then he still answered.
- Yes, Igor, I have.
- Igor? - Deškin asked in amazement.
He could swear by any gods that he heard Adashev's voice. So the general worked for the rebels. That's why Deškin fell into the hands of Sembar. Adashev gave him all with giblets. One of the best military leaders Potestas cooperated with the enemies. All this information almost deprived the captain of reason. The whole operation was compromised.
"You can proceed ...." the voice of the military commander Potestas was heard again. "I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Orlik must not penetrate this world." Perhaps we are committing a crime .... But Khaton will understand my deeds and forgive us all. Hallowed by the name of Khaton! And may his kingdom come!
"Traitor!" The captain yelled at the top of his throat, the anger of which overwhelmed his soul.
But nobody paid attention to Dashkin. After all, he was no longer interested in Sembar. The Shaykh knew that the coming act might be considered by many as a sin, but in another way it was simply impossible. It was the only way out. The only one of all. The splinter must not fall into Orlik's hands.
"In the name of Lucrezia and Khaton ...." came the sorrowful voice of Adashev from the radio. "I'm making this great sacrifice. For the sake of all. Long live the Light!
"And they are holy for all ages and times," the sheikh's accomplice continued, while bowing his head.
- Well, i am finished ..... - Then Igor's words were heard, - Do it! Do it for the Light!.
In less than a second, the old man rushed to the giant casket. He just had to press on one of the panels.

The fiery whirlwind broke free, devastating and destroying everything in its path. It spread not only throughout the battlefield, where thousands of warriors Sala`Zarra and Khaton fought. The infernal flames escaping outward, with a frenzied rage, struck all this ruined and lost world. In a flash, thousands of giant buildings flared with an unquenchable flame. The capital of the planet plunged into real chaos. A monstrous storm destroyed every one of its buildings, leaving no details of it. And then the typhoon fell upon the rest of the cities of this lost and accursed world. He devoured thousands of forests and fields, furiously devouring them. In a moment, entire continents and islands were burned, leaving them charred and deserted.
The planet blazed with a dazzling bright red flame, and then began to crackle from all sides. In less than an hour, as this exhausted and fading cosmic ball split into thousands of parts. There was an incredible explosion that struck not only the space fleet of Potestas, but also the satellite of the planet. Sala Zarra's ships, like one, turned into piles of debris, and then completely disappeared from the face of the universe. Millions of soldiers died that day. Millions of soldiers, hungry for the blood of the rebels, rejected their evil idol. But now they were all dead. The whole armada turned into nothing. The Battle of the Gods was over.
And behind all this was observed from the distant shuttle General Adashev. Now he stood by the porthole and silently said prayers. He threw off his accursed uniform, which meant that he belonged to Potestas. Now he dressed in a simple hoodie, and no different from the monks of Lucretia. In his hands, the general held his gilded amulet. He continued to utter quiet words addressed to his patron. Yes, he knew full well that he had wiped out a whole planet for his death. But he knew about the death of the whole fleet, which could well put an end to many intelligent races. Sala'Zarru was dealt another terrible blow. For a moment Adashev remembered that such actions were guided by Zoran, and at the moment he understood it perfectly.
"May Gods forgive me," Adashev whispered softly, bowing his head in front of the porthole, behind which a monstrous panorama opened, "May Khaton and Lucretia forgive me." And may their names be sanctified. And may their kingdom come to all ages and ages. May they forgive me for the deeds .....
But even though Igor felt responsible for the death of so many people, he still knew that the Splinter did not go to the enemy. It is possible that the artifact managed to survive, because its origin was foreign. But even if he managed to survive, it is unlikely that he will be found in the near future. Sala`Zarr lost, and together with him lost and Orlik. And it will be a long time before Orlik returns to the real world.
- I will do everything to this evil disappeared ..... - Igor whispered in the same whisper. - In your name, Lucretia .... And in your name, Khaton .... I will do everything for the sake of Light. For my devotion. For love.
Having said these words, the former General Potestas turned back. He did not look at these creepy pictures anymore. From him was enough. The whole planet died today, and with it, and billions of lives. All this did not inspire any pleasure to Adashev, no matter how he felt victory. This victory was too bitter. But he could not give in to grief for too long. He was waiting for a lot of things.
Now Igor's goal was Zakromah. It was there was a lot of his friends, and even over the planet hung a whole fleet of Sal'Zarra. Adashev shook himself and followed quickly to the captain's bridge. He had to help his friends. Help hide the last Shard. After all, even one artifact can play a sinister joke with the universe.
- Well .... Orlik .... - the general was muttering on the way to the bridge. - You are again thrown back. Let's see what will be your next move .....


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