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Read about this mighty weapon very carefully, battle brother!

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"Light Spreader"

Absolute destruction weapon, which was created in the laboratoriums of Salah`Zarr God. Mighty ruler of Potestas projected this weapon in the Age of Old Times. Mighty and giant space ships with the power of absolute planet destruction were created in the period of Potestas Civil War. Rebellion forces tried to destroy Salah`Zarr government and made their attacks in several planets, and these events forced government to make something horrible and powerful. "Light Spreaders" were ready very fast because of the power of Salah`Zarr, who took part on its creation. First megaship destroyed planet Amiran-Beta, where population defeated all "Liar God" governors. In the period of Civil War there were almost 20 planets, which were victims of "Light Spreader" wrath. Absolute Energy beam made colossal destruction, when it was activated. Whole planets dying in some hours with all population. Soon after the victory of Rebellion, terrible government of Potestas was destroyed and "Light Spreaders" ships are disappeared. Nobody knows, where is this awful weapon. Eladraman Potestas was fall and many of its technologies started to be forgotten.

Now in the period of Reborned Potestas, Salah`Zarr again activated this terrible weapons of mass destruction. Evil god wants to make absolute apocalypse and reborn the whole Potestas. Now he have only few planets under control, but soon situation can be changed. "Light Spreaders" are now again working, and its power can simply make a way to death to all heretics, who rejecting Will of Salah`Zarr. These ships were modernized by technologies of Yotuns, and now its have ability to be invulnerable. Yotuns shield systems and firepower improvements made these ships more terrible then in the old times.

Main project leader is now - Lord-Commander Enveral, Fist of His Will and supreme commander of legions.

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