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Information about Salah'zarr, one of the most big evil villains in my book.

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Beware the Salah'zarr, Emperor of Light and Punisher of Heresy.

Many prophets and missionaires of this strange religion saying these words to the populations of different planets which are having position as targets for nes religions penetration.

But isnt it truth?

Salah'zarr never was servant of true Light and all his religions are lies and just ways to capture planets. Because Salah'zarr is always wants power and more energy. Faith is only food for him. And when people are building monuments of His Will, they are just making him strong . Salah'zarr is the really big liar in all universe and he is only wants only one - absolute universe control.

Many people and wizards from other races making disputs about Salah'zarr origin, but no one of them have big proofs. Nobody knows who is Salah'zarr god, but all knows that his Dominiis Potestas is just state with tyrannic government and all his warriors are like zombies fanatics, who believe in lies. Salah'zarr is enemy of Yotuns but he is enemy for mankind too.

(Professor Albrick Zhdanov, 12.11.2599)

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