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Watch our AI system in action! Along with a few other updates.

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We’re back with another update! As I mentioned on the Item Modifier news, these are all old updates we never managed to release on our social networks aside from our community forum so we’d advice that you join the community to get updates quicker.

We have been playing around with the game’s AI system today and thought we’d make a small video of the war zone that was created in the process.

Our AI can interact and respond with one another and the world. The Lupin monsters for example; can now pickup items, have been given a skill (ember) to cast, and are now being made aggressive towards one another.

The result is this amusing video of a great flamey lupin war!

Picture a quest which you must be the hero and fight for a side between creatures, though depending on the side you choose your gaming life may be effected in both good and bad ways. Now picture watching these creatures fighting amongst themselves in the war and along side you. Hopefully you're getting the same amazing image I got while picturing this.

We've also updated the live Sagramore alpha to 1261M fixing the bugs with attack damage along with some other small things.

The stats system has been overhauled and the manual updating of the stats with stat points has been removed, since this leads to possible character bricking as well as not offering true customization. Your character will be customized based on your class and skills selected. Research we did revealed that customizable stats originate from the classic RPGs which in it's linear environment can be controlled/adapted to offer a better personalized experience, MMORPGs sadly have to offer the same experience to everyone, thus supporting our choice.

Build numbers

Starting now we’re including version/build numbers in our updates which will correspond with certain fixes. We will include more detailed version history too.

Should you have suggestions for us, please do share your thoughts in our suggestion section of the forum.

On other news…

There has been a ton of behind the scenes advancements done to the tools used to develop Sagramore, one of these tools being the map editor.

Curious yet ? Come play now for free!

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