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I'd like to present in detail the four main combat planes of the EUDF and WC so far. Additionaly I have a little present for you, but pshhh :P

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So here we go, starting with the EUDF air units.

First of all, the EUDF close air support aircraft:
XAF/X02 Wyvern.
Role: Close Air Support
Armament: 4 "Breacher" Air-to-Ground guided Missiles.

The Wyvern was a secret project to create a next-generation strike fighter, however it never lived up the the Eurofighters' air combat capabilities, however exceeded in close air support and other anti-ground operations. It ended up being armed with 4 heavy anti-ground missiles with an optical guidance system, allowing them to lock onto anything that moves on the ground.
Secondly there is the EUDF Interceptor:
EF2000-X Eurofighter.
Role: Air-supremacy Fighter
Armament: 6 METEOR medium range air-air missiles; 1x BlueBeam laser cannon.

Upgraded with limited Jumpjet abilities, a new gravimetric sensor cluster to replace the RADAR, new missiles and a top-of-the-line chemical laser, the EF2000-X represents Europe in air-to-air combat. The very latest version even has thrust vectoring, allowing for very tight turns, also the gas mix of the laser has been further improved, giving it an even nastier punch in dogfights.


And now the Western Coalition's Airforce.
First the F/A-36:
F/A-36 Firefly.
Role: Multirole strikefighter.
Armament: Interchangeable 2 JDAM guided smartbombs or 4 ALRAAMs

Essentially a twin engine F-35 JSF, the F/A-36 is the WC's frontline fighter, with two different base loadouts for ground bombardment and for anti air interception. Several crashes of the F35 due to engine fail led the WCs to start developing a twin engine version of the JSF as soon as possible, After just 5 years, the Firefly was ready and in active combat.
and last but not least, the bomber:
A-20 Phoenix.
Role: Highspeed tactical bomber.
Armament: 1 short range high explosive cruise missile

None has ever been shot down in active combat. The Phoenix uses SCRamjets to penetrate deep into hostile territory and deploy its cruise missile, and get out before anybody realizes what is going on. Its cruise missile carries a high ordnance warhead capable of dealing obscene damage to both vehicles and buildings.

And as last, I have a Christmas present for you, a test version so you can try how aircraft work now :)

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