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russian language patch v1.1.6 for Classical Age Total War mod.

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1) Full text Russification description of units, buildings, strat.karty, menu, etc.
2) Added missing unit cards, renamed some existing ones as the game did not find them due to an incorrect name.
3) I removed from the list of possible buildings to build a pantheon and a huge temple. Since the Illyrians (barbarians) had the opportunity to build them. These buildings can not be built by barbarians.
4) Added captain cards in accordance with the flags of the mod. Previously, the game used vanilla as the original was not.
5) Edited the menu. Removed some buttons and pages, namely multiplayer and imperial campaign.
6) Added a new trait and antitrait to it - “Good ruler” and “Bad ruler”.
7) Processed some faction badges, as well as faction flags on the combat and strat map.
8) Turned on the fog of war, because without it you could see the whole map.
9) Removed the Senate bug button on the strat map when opening the menu of the Rome faction (where there is diplomacy, finance).
10) I replaced some sound files from the musical accompaniment with others. Added:
Audiomachine - Worlds collide
Audiomachine - Creation
Audiomachine - Spartacus
Audiomachine - Warlords
Audiomachine - Guardians at the gate
Audiomachine - Army of kings
Audiomachine - Lost Empire
Audiomachine - Legions of doom
Immediate Music - The Summoning Of Heroes
Immediate Music - With Great Power
Immediate Music - A Call To Arms
Immediate Music - Arcana
Immediate Music - Heaven's Warriors
Immediate Music - Epicon
Two Steps From Hell - Black Blade
Two Steps From Hell - Sons Of War
Two Steps From Hell - ASAP (Voice/Choir)
Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage
Two Steps From Hell & Groove Addicts - Launch Trailer
Scott B. Morton/Michael Verrette - Main Title(from game Titan Quest)
Scott B. Morton/Michael Verrette - Athens(from gameTitan Quest)
Scott B. Morton/Michael Verrette - When Gods Fall(Credits)(from game Titan Quest)
Scott B. Morton / Michael Verrette - Helos(from game Titan Quest)
James Horner - The Greek Army And Its Defeat(movie Troy)
James Horner - Achilles leads the myrmidons(movie Troy)
James Horner - 3200 Years Ago(movie Troy)
Hans Zimmer - Knights march
Hans Zimmer - Hummel Gets The Rockets(movie The Rock)
Garmarna - Herr Mannelig
Simon Lambros - Hellfire Music(movie Cleanskin(титры))a piece of composition.

Mod installation.
Just unzip the archive anywhere where there is enough free space.

Customize shortcut.
Right-click on the shortcut and select "Properties" in the menu that appears and left-click on it.
In the "Shortcut" tab, in the "Object" field, specify the path to the .exe file of the RomeTW or RomeTW-BI 
game. For example, "D: \ Rome Total War \ RomeTW.exe (or RomeTW-BI.exe)" -nm -show_err -mod: catw -movie_cam 
(checkboxes are required).
In the field opposite the "Working folder" you must specify the path to the root folder of the 
game - "D: \ Rome Total War" (checkboxes are required).
In order for the label to have a mod’s icon (icon), right-click on it and in the menu that appears, left-click 
on “Properties.” From the “Label” tab, find and click on “Change Icon ...”. The “Change Icon” window 
will open ". Click" Overview "and into the new open window, go to the following address - the drive on which
the game \ game root folder \ catw is installed. For example - D: \ Rome Total War \ catw.
In the catw folder there is a file "catw_logo.ico", select it (LMB - left mouse button) and click LMB. Open. 
In the "Change Icon" window, an icon image will appear - a helmet on a round shield. Click LMB in the same 
window (" Change the icon ") to" Ok ", then in the" Shortcut Properties "window (" catw properties ") click 
on" Apply "and then click on" Ok ".
The shortcut on the desktop should get its own unique image.

The game starts in 302 BC, and for the mod a special script was written for 4 and 6 moves per year. In my 
version, it runs with a 4-year year. Usually the script starts automatically because it is background, but 
sometimes the script may not start , therefore it is always important to look at the year after loading the 
map, if there is 14 instead of the required 302 or whatever it will be when loading the saves, you must 
definitely click on the tooltip icon or whatever it is in the upper left corner and the script will start, and the 
year will change from 14th on the right. This happens quite rarely, but it happens.
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