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Assembly RTS - Unleash Your Forces is a real-time strategy game where you will be able to customize your own vehicles.

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Hi everyone, and welcome back to the devlog series for Assembly RTS.

Main Capsule 010

This week I mainly worked on finalizing the intial configuration for terrain texturing with impressive visuals.
I got rid of all textures which caused any issues and only kept the most suitable ones.
I want players to create beautiful looking maps in the least amount of time possible and I don't want them to be overwhelmed with choices.


I also continued work animating the mech prototype.
The GPU-based animation system I'm using is very limited in functionality, which means that I need to create separate animations for each turret rotation.
Blending these animations at runtime appears to blend the vertex coordinates instead of the bones, which causes some artifacts.

animation problem smol

I'll have to create even more animations with different rotations so that these artifacts will be less noticeable.

That's it for this devlog. Have a happy new year everyone and see you in the next devlog for AssemblyRTS!

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