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Turning the tables and showing gameplay with the first enemy called a Nailer.

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The basic gameplay, etc elements are in place. There's the DragonAnt player, Nailer enemy, 5 weapons and other things to pick up, old/new textures and sound effects and one level that is more than just a 1 room test level. There's a new "improved" skybox with the "TigerCake" vortex, but it's going to need some more improvement: more colors/contrast and something to the other side.

Textures and sound effects were/based on my old stuff that I've done in the past couple years that were never used much. They've finally found their new home in this project. Now when I'm about to do some new texture or whatever, I'll just check my old project folders if I've already done something like it. Seems like a good way to speed up the development.

Maybe the sound effects are a bit noised or something, but at least they're much better than what they were based on.

Nailer's Gantlet Shots Nailer's Gantlet Shots

Nailer's Gantlet Shots Nailer's Gantlet Shots

Nailer's Gantlet Shots Nailer's Gantlet Shots

I'm thinking Abstract is maybe a wrong description of the style/theme, maybe it's more like Surreal?

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