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Push, Uppercut and Groundsmash! Firewave! Make use of your combos in this fast Hack'N'Brawl! Now with even better looking handpainted environments!

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Some often mentioned aspects was the lack of shadows and the close camera distance. This was the result when we decided to target mobile.. back in 2012. Things changed a lot since then. Our main target is PC/Mac/Consoles and also the hardware and screen size on mobile devices increased a lot!

I improved the terrain shader to support hard/soft realtime shadows and pixel lighting. The impact on current mobile hardware isn't recognizable and on PC the game can be also run on current laptops with soft shadows. Great!

I dragged out the camera and you can still see all necessary details.

Of course everything needs optimization and the look will improve even more when i start polishing everything up.

So if you like what you see, catch up with us on Facebook.

Or Watch the project for more stuff to come!

Thanks! Alex

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