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So now we are still making just maps now we have 14 HD maps some of them still need to some small fix. Rune 1.20 will have 25 maps so still need 9 more in this maps we retexture everything to 1024x1024 textures (not just walls foofs sky and floor but all non useable objects like trees plants wagon’s keg’s kettle tarp) useable objects like food weapon limb’s shield need to create a new class and that will be done after I install a “fresh” rune

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DM HD maps done/in progres:

HudsonHD HildirHD BothvarHD FentoxHD LindisfarneHD
OstaraHD Dragonmightarena003HD IlrohirHD TimberlandHD

DM HD maps in plans:

FelonyHD DilhonorzHD
MibegottenHD RotarenaHD and two new dm-arena maps by Xandar :D

AR HD Maps done/in progress


AR HD Maps in plans

Some 4 maps to retexture

CTT HD maps done/in progress:

CTT-WonderlandHD, CTT-Dragonscale

HB HD maps in plans:

Just 2 maps ^^

when all maps will be finished i will install rune one more
time and step by step make it HD i will use Rune Gold 1.08 as base but to lose
weight i will remove singleplayer mode and all singleplayer maps so it will be
just multiplayer like the first HOV's. Then I will start to make HD objects
like food weapons shield etc. when it all be done and every single texture in
game will be hd I will design menu,
bar's, new misc (intro) add driver to HQ sound's, new font's (band new menu
font and if i don't find a cool message/console font i will add it from 1.10)
new waiting room map, and some layout thing's like loading pic and window
console lay and that is all my work in HD already talk with Blas and when he
finish his new weapon skins(he copy a rly cool weapon inventory from morrowind
every wep is quite similar to original i will stay only with original DWS and
DBA bc old ones are better in my opinion blas make it with custom textures but
not HD so of course I’f I replace it (im noob in modeling) I will retexture it
if not I retexture old ones. And last thing i will try to remodel 5-10 skin's
to make them more smooth by adding new face's but if that don't work or if its
work but make rune lagy i just retexture skins to HD that is all visible and
hear-able things i add to my rune i will think also to add best Mod's and
Mutator's in to it for now at 100 % i must talk with Frozn if he agreed I change
a bit 1.09 to and make new version 1.20 I must make something to not let the 1.08,1,07
player’s to join 1.20 server why bc it will be lag to much. And if this all be
done I will zip all new rune gold remaked to 1.20 to exe installer and rename
it add some goofy icon :DD heh and upload it to the web :D. what with rune
licence? I will add something like “Rune 1.20 is non profit mod to game rune
developed by human head studios if u don’t have any ver of this game u can’t install
HD bc u break the law” and if I earn some money I will buy some vps and host 3
HD servers (DM TDM and AR ). First beta shall be relased autumn 2013 so that is
all if u have some questions ask me


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