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The day has come, Run Of Mydan hits Steam today with a 35% launch discount until August 4th! Please support us and let's build a great VR experience together!

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The day has come, Run Of Mydan hits Steam today with a 35% launch discount that will last until August 4th!

Don't miss your chance to participate in this passionate project.

Run On Mydan on Steam Store

We need your support and feedback to deliver a VR experience that can drastically change the current VR gaming trend!

We've been working on Run Of Mydan for the last few months and we feel it's coming out very well, but lots of features are still missing and we'd like to build on what we have with some help from the Community. The current release is already at a good stage of development and we've decided to release the game to give you a taste of what we are working on. An early access release will allow us to build the more advanced features of the game together with the community and deliver frequent updates based on community feedback and our internal roadmap as well.

The game in it's current state contains the following features:

  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer: Either take on a journey packed with action but mixed with introspection, or challenge other players online in highly competitive gamemodes
  • Unique Graphics: You will find yourself absorbed by timeless breathtaking atmospheres as you put your physical abilities to test.
  • Multiple Weapons: Choose your weapon of choice depending on your style and abilities, refine your own combat techniques with an arsenal of ranged and melee weapons. So be ready to converge your focus, sharpen your reflexes and unleash fury with your powers.
  • Player Customization: Customize your character's appearance and get recognized in the field, exhibit your experience by unlocking
    new armor parts and ornaments.
  • Flight locomotion system: Swiftness, agility and dexterity are crucial to survival, overcome obstacles and flee when in danger!
    You will have maximum freedom of movement, you will be able to fly!
  • Fight like a boss: You are the small one! But don't let this stop you from taking on the massive titans obstructing your path.

Some of the things we planned to add:

  • Full Steamworks integration
  • Dedicated servers
  • Additional maps and environments
  • New gamemodes
  • Unlockables and perks
  • Character customization
  • Non-VR Client for certain multiplayer gamemodes

Run On Mydan on Steam Store

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