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This is the information about the Rummaldin Civil War campaign for the Generals Zero Hour, and also about its last updates. Possible to play only on the original game engine 1.04.

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Hello Moddb.
My name is Alexander. I would like to give a short interview about the recently released mission pack for the amazing game Generals Zero Hour.
If anyone remembers, then this strategy from Westwood and EA, which we loved so much in childhood.
By profession, I'm a writer and I have my own sci-fi setting. It has a history of at least 70,000 years. It has a place for different periods - from the past to the future.
On the Generals game, it is best to implement campaigns dedicated to either the near future or the distant one. Some types of troops and buildings really look like they came out of the pages of science fiction books.

So what is the Rummaldin War?
Take the end of the 26th century. The galaxy is divided into many different states, which are often at enmity with each other. In addition to alien races, there are Humans, by the way, a slightly cruel civilization.
If in other universes the civilizations of people usually create super-empires, then in my case everything is different. People have many states, but there is no unity.
The Rummaldin Empire is just one of these states, in the middle of the endless galaxy of the Milky Way.

In 2589 there is a coup. Empress Kriemhild is deposed. Many different warlords who want control come to power. And the carnage begins. But the empress survives, gathers troops loyal to the empire and begins to take revenge.

At the moment, there are several missions at once dedicated to the theme of the Rummaldin Civil War.
They go to the original game Zero Hour 1.04, without mods.

1. Zuar Rockets (Rummaldin Civil War)
Year 2589 AD. In this case, the player has to take control of the army of the empire with the leadership of general Vespasiano, which must take over the planet Rummaldin Prime. There are several versions at once - the most complex and relatively complex. In the most difficult - the player has to act without superweapons and tanks. In a relatively difficult one, he is given artillery and the Zuar missile system (created on the basis of the SCUD Storm).
This mission was failed by at least 90% of the players due to the brutal difficulty. But 10% - were successful.
The whole difficulty is that the troops of the usurper, who own the planet, are numerically superior. And the player needs to somehow manage to defeat the enemy.
The main goal is to destroy the usurper's command center and the orbital communications center (ion cannon). This is very difficult to do due to the unique AI system. AI constantly gathers troops and sends them to the player. And it gets harder with every wave.
It is advisable to complete this mission before the enemy develops to a monstrous level.

Enemy is always attacking here by a lot of tanks, aviation, artillery and special abilities.

Its also likes to use the superweapon from the Ion Cannon center.

2. Antonio Strike (Rummaldin Civil War)

Here we are transported to the year 2591, when most of the usurpers have already been defeated, and the empire has partly recovered. But no matter how! On the planet Antonio, a military mutiny breaks out in the far sectors of the country. As it turned out, its leader is the local governor, Adonis Eteocles. The elite imperial corps has already advanced to put down the uprising.
There is only one problem. The governor is hiding in one of the three command centers, and he has a very good army. Commanding Rummaldin grants the player the ability to use the Plasma Missile. So this mission also adds an ultra-new effect.
The main task is to destroy 3 enemy command centers. Again, the principle is the same. AI is evolving too fast. If the enemy has time to put together a huge force, then the player will not do well.
AI here massively uses superweapons and the entire available army. But a plasma missile is quite capable of showing the rebels the full power of the Empire.

In this mission, the enemy attacking in the same style like in "Zuar Rockets".

To fight it - not an easy task.


Both missions have a lot of new units, powers and unique script system.

You must forget about the fights with AI in the original game.

Only the hardest player can win here.

Try to train yourself in the original game, try to fight AI without any tanks,
only infantry or machines, but no - tanks absolutely.

Some walkthroughs you can find in the Youtube sector.

There are some players, who successfully finished the task and crushed all enemies.

They really deserves a lot of respect.

Map authors:
Bagaturkhan (scenario, drawings, strategies), Cetx (AI, design)

Install all missions to the Maps folder and then activate from skirmish.

And here you are the Download links:

World of Infinitas: Rummaldin Civil War - Zuar Rockets

Rummaldin Civil War - Zuar Rockets

World of Infinitas - Rummaldin: Antonio Strike

Rummaldin Civil War - Antonio Strike

I wish you a great time of playing!

The main part of missions is the choice for all players.

For example, the Rummaldin Civil War Zuar Rockets is available for every tactics.

You can use only aviation, or you can build a huge army of militiamen and battle machines.
You also can use the Zuar Rockets, but when its destroyed, you haven`t got chance to use it again.

In the Antonio Strike, you have ability to use your superweapons and heavy aviation.

But the enemy has it too. And he can build more then 3-4 ion cannons to fight you.

And also, if you lose your Plasma Rocket, it means, that you lose the superiority.

You haven`t got a chance to build it again.

Thank you very much for playing!


Regards Alex aka BagaturKhan

Thanks to Zero Hour community for help and support

and thanks to a lot of friends for test and support too.

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If you want to know more about the Rummaldin war, visit this article.
Use the Google translator to translate it. Thanks.

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