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This are the rules as to what you can do. Please remember that these apply for everyone, and do not exclude me or anyone. Right then, read on here mates!

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1.- If you have nothing good to post, then don't post anything.

2.- Videos of your OWN are to be placed here if you wish, or in the forums section.

3.- Everyone gets to post a LINK of a song or teaser of the song.

4.- Everyone what he or she wishes in the correct place. If you make your own song or video and you want to place it in the video section, do such, but it has to be under your name and must be your own work.

5.- Pictures I'm fine with, as long as they are good for any age.

6.- Don't make this your own place and be nice... i mean it...

7.- be fraggin' creative! post things from your place or from different cultures or languages! It's the internet for fraggin's sake... there should be more stuff than just one band or album you've got...

Well, these are the rules... break them and I'll see to it that you get a piece of Chuck Norris' beard...

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