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For now, I'd like to keep this pretty simple and easygoing, so this can be looked at as more of a set of guidelines rather than definite rules. Still, everyone is expected to follow the site rules and behave reasonably and respectfully.

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1. Purpose
The Humor, Satire, Parody Group ( is a group dedicated to media, news, and of course mods centered around humor, satire, and parody - this group is meant to be the same, only with horror in place of humor.

2. Posting

For the most part, anything based in horror is acceptable; if you find it to be scary, go ahead and post it. Some examples of things that are okay are: horror based images, gifs, videos, news/articles, personal stories/dreams, and games/mods.

Things that are not allowed:
a. Anything that goes against the Moddb Terms of Use:
b. Anything that doesn't have to do with horror.
c. Pop-ups (See Rule 3).

Other than that, just be reasonable when posting.

3. Pop-ups and Screamers
Out of common decency, DON'T post pop-ups/screamers or links to pop-ups/screamers without giving ample warning.

The reason for this is simply that people aren't going to want to visit the group if it's full of 'Instant Heart Attack' Buttons.
Still, it may be best not to randomly click on links while visiting this group ;)

So that's pretty much it,
Have fun!

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