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These are the Rules of the Clan. They can be changed at any time by me or the Dark Council. Also we are announcing something new.

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The Sith Lord Clans Rules

  • 1. Ranks are important so whenever you talk to a Sith Lord and above you must first say "My Lord" before saying anything else.
  • 2. When you are an apprentice You Must first study a part of the history of the Sith (No tests) and Battle the same rank or lower rank until you beat your fellow clan members five times you will then be promoted. You Must also tell the Sith Code to your superiors before being promoted
  • 3. During War or Peace Never Question your superiors unless you think they made a huge mistake such as in battle plans either strategic or tactical, we will look into it and see if they have any problems.
  • 4. Must have old sith names or Rakatan names such as Malak[Sithlord] in RAW (You can use Sith Names from the beginning of the Sith all the way up towards the Clone Wars) (Might get expanded to the galactic civil war and beyond). You are not required to change name on moddb.
  • 5. Must Have the Game Empire at War Forces of Corruption you can buy the gold version (includes both the Main game and expansion) at any Best Buy store maybe even Wal-Mart (RAW is not for EAW main game, it was changed in 2006).
  • 6. You must tell the Code of the Sith(Kotor) before you can get promoted. Only Sith Warriors and above can recruit.
  • 7. Tell your superiors of your absence before you leave and they will allow you to go and the clan will consider you AFK.
  • 8. Recruits must know basic Strategy of EAW if they don't it falls to the recruiter to teach him or her.
  • 9. Fights for higher positions are allowed.(Star Wars Skirmish Battle)
  • 10. If someone knows how to create websites please let me or Darthmalgus know.

These Rules are subject to change, we will notify you in another update of any changes that may take place.Something else to I have decided to add is prestige classes to the clan. You know in Star Wars knights of the old republic 2 when you are able to choose a prestige class. Such as the Sith Assassin, Sith Marauder, and the Sith Lord. Obviously you have to be a Sith Lord to be able to challenge a member of the Dark Council. However the Sith Assassin and Marauder will have their own type of power in the Clan taking orders from the Sith Emperor personally. You have to be a Sith Warrior first and then you will be able to choose your prestige class. This is subject to change; the rank may get lower then Sith Warrior to choose between the classes of Sith Marauder and Sith Assassin.

Sith Marauder- What many would consider a tank. Much like the Jedi Guardian, this Sith class is built around combat. They are able to slaughter their enemy quickly and can turn the tide of any war with their combat prowless. Also considered Tactical Geniuses.

Sith Assassin- Full of hatred and darkness and can sense their prey through the force. The only thing they are meant to do is murder top enemy officials and they seek the elimination of all Jedi. They also kill Sith. They can change wars strategically or tactically. They also spy and gather information.

Sith Lord- Military Geniuses, they feel the force strongly more so then the other two. Mostly always seen in combat along with their troops, they cast a large shadow and can terrify the enemy immensely usually by using the force. Some may also have the ability of battle meditation in which they inspire their own troops while causing the enemy to lose the will to fight.

Something else I have to say. Recently this clan has people from all over the world. So my question is which server should we put our clan in? I don't really care which server play in just that many of us from the US and UK don't understand other countries languages. So post here and tell me or PM me. For we need to decide very quickly. If no one posts here im deciding on my own and it will be on the US or UK server.

Diplomacy, I have sent a few Diplomaic messages across the galaxy. I am waiting for replies. Also post on here or PM me if you want to establish Diplomatic Relations.


You took up my advice about fighting for higher ranks :)

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Tover87 Author

yup, however still no one can challenge the Sith Emperor and Sith High Master. They can ask for a skirmish battle against them though. If they beat eitheir one of us we will promote them, or give them special rights if they are already at a very high rank.

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Thanks for the Invite and may the Force Serve you well

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does any1 know how to go online foc it keeps freezing if so post an update

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