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RUINED features list and game-play details and mechanics

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Official RUINED features list and game-play mechanics >

- First person Survival game set in snow and cold environment
- Dynamic weather system
- Dynamic Day and Night
- Populated ecosystem with various animals and plants
- Game mechanics that player needs to look for all the time to survive (health, hunger, thirst, stamina, temperature and sleep)
- Game mechanics that player can encounter during the game (snow storms and rain storms, fog and bad visibility, animal attacks, poisoning, etc.)
- Other game mechanics > hunting, crafting and scavenging
- Skill tree (player learns and re-learns some skills)
- Combination of skills and game mechanics is the key to survival
- Some more DETAILS > you may have to drink water from frozen lakes, melt down snow, drink water from ponds, hunt animals for meat and fur, collect berries and plants, build a home in woods or snow, craft weapons and tools, build rafts, hide in and explore caves and animal hide-outs, use tools and equipment that you find on the way, learn and re-learn skills and much more to SURVIVE!

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