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We've published RTAG rise on Steam Early Access and it is now available for Purchase. But should you buy it?...

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RTAG rise is now Available for Purchase...

...but should you buy it?

So during the past week, we went live on Steam. Our game, RTAG rise, is now available for purchase via the Steam platforms Early Access program. But should you purchase it now? Well, the answer to this depends on what you are looking to get out of the game at thins point int time. In the past few days, following the release of the game, we've been contacted by quite a few individuals and platforms (who may or may not have been bots) asking for free steam keys of our game for review, promotional and live-streaming purposes. These requests varied from individuals to project representatives asking anywhere from one to a dozen free keys to distribute to reviewers and twitch streamers. I find doing so now would be redundant, as the game has barely entered it's early access stage and is just getting into the production of the Story Campaign and people are already asking to review the experience. Early Access is NOT a time to get your game reviewed. Developers submit their games to Early Access in various stages of development but most of them do so at the beginning. This helps them in two major ways - Raise Capital for production expenses and Gain a pool Play-testers, willing to play the game not just for the sake of playing it but also to weed out any pesky bugs the developers have missed. An invaluable resource for an indie developer. However, this is not a stage where your game represents your vision, not in the majority of cases out there (including our own).

So should you buy this game? Well, if you saw the trailer, would like to just play the game and leave a review based on what you've seen this early in the game, then NO. Do not buy this game. We're looking to build an initial community willing to test the game out. Suggest features, challenges, achievements and general wisdom. We're looking for someone who can afford to actively participate in a community discussion forum, chat with the developer, ask questions, propose ideas and get invested in the development of the title. As we are trailing into the development of the Story Campaign, we're hoping to build a community using Early Access game in the meantime, and the community does not exist without your participation. So it's all about the motivation for purchasing the game right now. If you would like to get involved or simply wish to support the project with a purchase, go for it. However if you're looking for the final experience, this is not a time for you, and you should wait until the game marks it's exit from Early Access with the release of the Story Campaign Season 1!

This is the first update video on the Development after we've become available for Early Access on Steam:

RTAG rise on Steam

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