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I’ve been working in some new creatures for Rune. Here’s some notes:

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What’s New 0.3

  • Frost Creatures now are “immune” against Ice. You can freeze them, but they will wake healed and angry. You cannot destroy the statue. (bIceStatueDestructible on statue Proprieties);
  • Now Zombie Carcass looks fine;
  • If you try to kill a Frost Sark(A,H,SS & SW) with Ice PowerUp, Sakrs will became tow things will happen, When Wake, Sark will get GroundSpeed * 2 and some health *2;
  • Frost Sark Hammer now, after jump summon another Frost Sark Hammer;
  • Frost Giants are using Sark AI without jumping;
  • Frost Giants, Fire Giants and Mountain Giants are added;
  • All Frost Sark have some AI improvements;
  • Fixed Zombie Breath Attack from Frost Sark Spawn;
  • After jump, Frost Sark Sword will get * 2 from weapon damage and *2 ground speed;
  • After jump, Frost Sark Axe release Ice Radius Effect.

What’s New 0.2

  • Ice breath now is deadly;
  • All Frost Creatures are Translucent;
  • Fixed textures from Frost Zombie Carcass;
  • Frost Zombies will Sarkify and will be turned in Frost Sark Spawn;
  • Frost Sark Spawn fight like a Zombie, with Frost Breath Attack;
  • Created RSJotunheim Class, that contains RSElduir, RSFolstag and RSTholvur;
  • Created RSMusphelhein Class, that contains RSAshtar, RSEldu and RSSvafnir.

What’s New 0.1

  • Turn Off Zombie’s eye after die;
  • Fixed Frost textures from Severed Limb Class;
  • New Severed Limb Class for FrostZombie2 using an correctly texture;
  • Fixed Ice Statue/Stone Statue.
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