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version 0.7 is out

The Golden Hall Upgrades will be the folowings:

fortress upgrades

1) Banners- Allies near the Fortress gain +33% Damage, +33% Armor, and earn experience 50% faster. Cost 500

2) Rohirric Charge - Enebles the Rohirric Charge power. Cost 800

3) Grand Harvest - Increases resource output from Farms by 30%. cost 1000

4) Hasty Fortifications - Provides +67% Armor to the Fortress, and +1500 Health. Cost 1500

5) Aid Of The Hunters - Requires the 'Hasty Fortifications' upgrades. Enables the use of the 'Aid Of The Hunters' power. Cost 5500.



this is it for the fortress upgrades.

AI changes:

1) Brutal AI will now build 20% faster, and have a reduced cost for everything by 60%.

2) Medium AI will have a damage multiplication of 1.1, Hard 1.3 and Brutal 1.5.

3) AI can build walls. (only in really late game tho)

More changes:

1) Gondor Soldiers and Archers will be stronger (with prices adjusted)

2) Rohan recieved brand new spellbook powers, more on that when completed.

3) Some Gondor structures recieved a new floor.

4) Making some reworks to the Goblin faction, to make it more lore-correct.

5) Inn units for Rohan are Gondor Soldiers.

6) Mordor got the spellbook power 'Call the Horde'.

if you want to join my Discord server, where I give constant updates: and a showcase video made by LeoSmaug it's not really updated, but can still bring you some information. Rohan video by Ghost_The_Grumpy_Aussie his graphics kinda went weird, but all of the 0.7 features are there. Gondor gameplay by me - not showcase, gameplay

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