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After about 20 Months of waiting there is finally a new version of RPG-X ready for you to get your hands on.

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After about 20 Months of waiting there is finally a new version of RPG-X ready for you to get your hands on.

So we Proudly present RPG-X Version 2.3 Beta 1 with a lot of nice new features. These include but are not limited to a new system that manages the health of a ship, a new system that manages selfdestruct, safezones that can be used for the above systems and a way to relaod Torpedo-FX plus a ton of bug fixes and optimisations.

There are also a few features in there that are still beeing worked on so this is once again declared as a beta version which means use at own risk.

You are required to have RPG-X2 v 2.1 preinstalled. To install this version just download the version fitting your OS from the below list and unzip it in your games' root folder (which contains the baseEF and RPG-X2 folders). These Packs include the binaries for both the client (only works on windows) and dedicated servers and the shared libraries in the RPG-X2 folder. Included is also a new pak5_beta9_0.pk3 that has some new material for the game. The old pak5 will be overwritten by this and should be removed by you. Also Included is a pak6.pk3 with the lua Updates for the Single Player maps and a new definitions file for mappers.

All the licenses required are included as well of course.

Please note that the execuatbles / binaries have slightly different names so you need to rename your shortcut.

For those that have ATI Grapics Cards and relay on Legacy drivers rename your executable to WolfSP if you are having trouble with low framerates.

We hope you Enjoy this new version and see you on the Servers

The RPG-X Dev-Team

Download Windows 32
Download linux 32
Download linux 64


Great to have an update!!

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GSIO01 Author

We are woking on a hotfix for the linux client and linux dedicated server and will release it soon.

Additional feedback by linux users will be required to find and fix more bugs/problems in the linux version. More information on that will follow soon.

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very looking forward to this version of the RPG-EF develops some?
is there anyone else who plays on the x-rpg?

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Well, l'd love to play this new RPG-X. But I never find any players on.

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