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Spell obelisks, spell crafting, amulets, magic items crafting, chat channels

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Since players asked spell crafting, we added it!

Chat Channels!
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Create Mage armors!
You can craft mage armors (hat,robe, robe bottom) at inventory. New masters will help with that User Posted Image
You need Different needle for hat/robe/robe bottom making!
Wizard Items:
Hat: 4 cotton, 1 Thread
Robe: 8 cotton, 3 thread
Robe bottom: 6 cotton, 2 thread
Witch items;
Hat: 4 Bamboo, 1 thread
Robe: 8 Bamboo: 3 thread
Robe Bottom: 6 Bamboo: 2 thread
Battlemage items:
Hat: 4 Flannel, 2 emerald scale, 1 thread
Robe: 8 Flannel, 2 emerald scale, 3 thread
Robe Bottom: 6 Flannel, 2 emerald scale, 2 thread
Merlin items:
Hat: 4 Jute, 3 ruby scale, 1 thread
Robe: 8 Jute, 3 ruby scale, 3 thread
Robe Bottom: 6 Jute, 3 ruby scale, 2 thread
Gandalf items
Hat: 4 Silk, 4 elemental scale, 1 thread
Robe: 8 Silk, 4 elemental scale, 3 thread
Robe Bottom: 6 Silk, 4 elemental scale, 2 thread
Spells crafting obelisks !
New Portal opened up and 5 different Element altar appeared somewhere inside RPG MO realm,
Those 5 altars represent 5 different element flash,air,earth,water,fire.
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Bolt- medallion and cotton fabric
Missiles - Medallion and bamboo fabric
Wave - Medallion and Flannel fabric
Blast - Medallion and Jute Fabric
Spell Medallions!
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There are 5 different type of Spell Medallions( flash, air,earth,water,fire).
You can use flash medallion on flash altar, air medallion on air altar etc..
Medallions can get only from monster drops!
Q: How i can get higher grade medallion?
A: you have to enchant medallion to get its grade up, Enchant fire bolt into fire missile with weapon enchant scrolls at anvil!



woah, with all these updates I think it's time to go back to this game :p nice update :] keep it up!

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