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RPG Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! - First Demo on Indiedb Hi everyone, I'm very happy to be part of this awesome community and I want to share with you the latest demo of my game project : RPG Fighter League. Have fun playing the Demo!

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Hi everyone!

Another week of work and polish for me and the new version of RPG Fighter League. I have done a lot in the past few days to improve again the overall feeling of this game. I really love working with RPG Maker MV and the community behind it is really awesome! I think that each version of the Demo is getting better to really catch the feeling I want for the final game.

DEMO RPG FIGHTER LEAGUE – 24 January 2016 content –

Here a list of all the new things in this new demo build from 24 January 2016:

  • Tweak balancing on items and skills (too many to list them all)
  • Add 2 Friendships levels and gift for Clive.
  • Tweak XP needed for all levels for friendship.
  • Tweak visual environment in Treasure Island.
  • Grammars correction (but I’m sure I have done new one…)
  • New Ram Titan Monster (Dark) in Master League.
  • Add better reward in the Silver Chest in the Hall (if you can find the combinaison)
  • Bug fixes
  • New Weapons Arts for some sword and other.
  • New Items, Weapons & Armor. (Chest, merchant, treasure)
  • New NPC to be found at the end of the Choice League.
  • Tweak Color Palette and visual in some Leagues.
  • New Pre-emptive + Surprise Attack in the League. (If you touch the enemi on the back to trigger the battle, you have a chance to trigger a Pre-emptive attack on them.)
  • Follower can trigger Event when Touched.
  • Rows system battle (The position of your characters mean something in battle.) Offense First Lane, Neutral Middle Lane and Defense Back Lane.
  • New Logo Test Val Game (see at the end of this post)
  • Tweak the Monsters Book so info is readable.
  • Tweak visual of the Damage Number and MISS in combat.
  • Testing new skills “Last Resort” with your character. (100 TP Skills)
  • Tweak the number of SP for Skills Boosters and the number you gain in battle.
  • Added the Animated League (You need 7 trophies with Wolfy in your team and beat Sylvestre in the Hall of Champions to have access to this really challenging League.)
  • Added the Crafting System (Craft Pot in menu) find more recipes to have the chance to craft more awesomes items, weapons, armor and more!



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