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Finally some News again, regarding RoZO! And they aren't even the worst News.

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So first off I want to apology to all of you out there who have desperately been waiting for news on RoZO. I don't really have the time to work on RoZO as I used to have, so I can of course not do as much on RoZO as I'd like to.Now let's get to some urgent questions that you are probably interested in!

1. Where did the Major part off the description go, again?
I deleted it for the time beeing as I'm not sure what weapons etc. will be used. Currently I'm making plans for that, which I will share with you all once they are done. And I know that I said I'll not Change them anymore and what not...

2. When can we expect more updates?
Soon, I hope that I can pick up work on RoZO once again and push out updates more frequent. I really wish that I can update our Server at least once a week, however that will probably not be the case.

3. What stuff exactly are you working on?
I plan to make two different versions of the mod eventually, allowing more people to play the mod without issues. One of these will be a 'lite' version, not containing bigger stuff like new weapons. The other one will be huge and awesome. To give you a small idea off what I plan

  • completely new weapons
  • Multiple attachments and options to customize the weapons
  • A variety off character customization
  • Globally saved ranks and statistics

4. What is comming next?
The following order is just very rought, however the account System is top priority.

  • MTG account System for saving ranks
  • Improvements to essential Features such as the spawn system
  • Gamemodes and the essentials off those
  • Further improvements to the mapping API and a How2 on mapping for RoZO
  • Improvements to the Skills, Ranks and Prestige
  • A new Zombie AI, adding stealth and other stuff
  • Additions to the Shop and Inventory
  • Killstreaks and other Support
  • New weapons and Equipment
  • Character customization
  • Proper ranked an d unranked gameplay


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How about zombies that dont phase through the walls? :D

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3aGl3 Author

I hope to fix that with the new zombie AI. My plans for the AI are to greatly decrease the CPU load, make it less glitchy, faster reacting etc. Also as I said I want to add stuff like stealth etc.

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Sweet!Keep up the good work! :)

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3aGl3 Author

Thanks! :D

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