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I've did a few small updates to the server in the past week, which I'll all explain here. Also we'll make some changes to our website.

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Hello everyone, today I got some small things for you.
First of all, we did some small updates on our RoZO server in the last two weeks which you may or may not have noticed. We did change the following:

  • Added a basic "meatgrinder" aka anti-stuck script, stuck zombies will now be killed after a few seconds
  • Added new weapon classes and sorted the existing weapons in accordingly
  • Completely rearranged weapons and other items
  • Fixed several small bugs
  • Removed several unused or redundant assets to save space

Now for the probably more interesting things, currently we are working on the authentication system as it is currently top priority so we can finally move on with the ranks and items given to a player.While we work on the ingame part of the login system we will also work on our website, the forum you can currently find at will be removed during the next weeks as we'll replace it with a website that will tell you in detail about our work. Also there will be a login section where you can manage your MTG account which will be used to store your RoZO rank data and similar.Even though we plan on introducing a bug tracker feature to that website you can also report bugs, here on ModDB, on our new Facebook page and on my Twitter. If you want to report a critical bug, please send us a private message to prevent abuse.

Stay tuned for more info on our new website, and of course updates to the mod.

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