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Most things in game can be configured including the choice of music set as default

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Most things are Configurable

A quick update this week and a reminder that we are trying to make most things in game configurable, including the music.

Some of the major configurable options that impact gameplay include:

  • Player movement speed, tiredness and AI fighting effectiveness
  • Objectives such as walls to breach to capture, numbers of soldiers to escape
  • Smoke, create an eerie feel on the battlefield as guns of the 1870's let off a lot of smoke
  • Iron sights
  • Player death - want it hardcore and realistic
  • Tags above players AI heads (display nothing, a dot or player's name). Visible only to owning player
  • Frequency of attacks
  • Player AI within hearing distance before accepting a command

Smoke which can be turned on/off can create an eerie battlefield, the following images show a Zulu player as he battles the British whilst smoke settles over the valley.

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