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I will be explaining the level lineup, who Roy Roflickts is and What the Lost City is *suspected* to be.

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Level Lineup:

1st Level: Nam Forest
2nd Level: The Lost City
3rd Level: Secret of the Lost City
4th Level: Wanting to be Alone

Roy Roflickts:
Roy Roflickt's is kinda like your modern day Indiana Jones, Searching for interesting things upon thought. He is very careless and does not plan for the future. After he discovers the myth of the Lost City, that is located in a dangerous Forest strongly recommended by the Citizens not to go there, hes off and embarking on a new adventure. Roy has no idea what lurks in this Forest, but the last thing his best friend told him before he went was "You won't be Alone out there..."

The Lost City ( The Myth ):
The Lost City was supposed to be a Land of Richs, Wishes, and Hope for all who claimed it. Five. Five is the number of people who went into Nam Forest. Zero, Zilch, Nada. Zero is the ones who got out. They were not like Roy either. They prepared and were still never seen again. Some say they live in the Lost City. Some say the Monsters in the confines of the Nams Forest wiped them out. None are certain about the adventurers. One thing is for sure Roy Roflickts has no idea what hes getting himself into.

Nam Forest:
Nam Forest was Never peaceful. Very true. Were you hoping I'd say it was once filled with butterflies and Unicorns. Nope. This ain't Disney. Nam's Forest is some Serious Shit. Everyone who went inside brought only a pistol and shotgun, and look what happened to them. They went missing. Somethings going down in there and every ones too busy pissing in there pants to go find out. Expect Roy Roflickts that is...

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