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One Way Ticket to Derby. Pack your suitcase, rover...

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The beginning of the 20th century.
The town of Derby is somewhere in Western Europe.
The government wanted to help the workforce - all alcohol was banned.
We asked one "Coca-Loca" factory worker his opinion on the Prohibition:

Coca-Loca Company worker

"I work at the factory until night. We produce 1,000 bottles a day!
And not a single bottle at my home!
I will pour all the ministers into the toilet.
Let them blow their laws through pipes! Ha!"

The country plunged into chaos. But a new profession has opened - a bootlegger.
All city criminals began to brew and sell moonshine.


The best cooks - Italians heard about cooking.
Here is what one Italian said:

Italian Guy

"The whole city will be mine!
I'll make moonshine from tomatoes.
For the rich, a special recipe - with basil and parmesan!
Maria! What a bellissimo moonshine I'll cook!"

But making moonshine was harder than making pizza. However, they had a lot of great contacts. They organized the import of smuggling - dry alcohol. What the Irish cannot do.


They now control most of Derby business.
Here is what one Irishman said:

Irish Man

"All the bars are ours! Italians have no place here.
We cooked under Arishtotle, we cooked under Napleon!
You dig it? No? Then I'll break your nose!"


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