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In this article, I'm just gonna explain why this is alive again and what I have planned. Keep on readin'

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What is Route and why on earth is it here?

So a long time ago in a gala- just playing, in 2012 when I was obsessed with Mod db and just trying to be like the developers of Nazi Zombies Portable and games alike. I made some "games" that ended up dying and becoming a waste of space.

I came back to this not to long ago and just couldn't bear to watch the legacy previews of this "game". I began an art/graphics project that was completely unrelated to this until I thought hey this cover art would go great with Route. I then started to get ideas for it and decided hey, lets recreate this poor game into something decent for the Mod DB community :)

How do we know this just isn't gonna flop again?

I would absolutely think that from a 2012 game that barely had anything done(although my younger self would have said otherwise :P). I'll be honest with you, with school coming up, studying,etc I can't guarantee I will be on top of this. But I do wanna try to bring Route back in a great way so hopefully you can stick with me and we can.

Whats the plan for Route?

So on to game related talk! I am trying to aim this in a 2D aspect. I wanna keep Route how it was in 2012, sadly I don't have much experience doing 3D games. On top of that, game engines for 3D games can cost a lot.

2D it is, I am aiming for a Birds Eye/Platformer type of game. I'm not sure if I wanna attempt both or just one. Feedback is appreciated!

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