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In the course of a simple assasination mission two Spetsnaz and two SAS teams colide, will they get their jobs done, these are their stories

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As you can see the storyline is a bit more complicated and during the course of action will have its fair share of twists and turns:
Spetznaz objective: Infiltrate bulgarian city of Rousse, find Al Asad and eliminate him by any means necesary ( make sure he is dead this time )
S.A.S. objective: infiltrate old abandomed factory area near romanian town of Giurgiu and retrieve/destoy dangerous material so that it doesnt fall into the wrong hands

Cast ( subject to change ), note everyone will be complete with voiceovers, custom and non-custom:

Sgt. Jack Almeida - ( playable character ) 2nd squad 77 Spetznazka Voiska, born in Leningrad, participated in various mission during Russian civil war, after an outstanding performance in a battle in Kavkaz his talents were noticed by some people, voiceover done by Kiefer Suderland ( via CoDWaW )

Maj. Georgy Zhukov - commander in charge of the operation, leader of 1st squad of the 77, born in Stalingrad, veteran of the war in Afhanistan and the civil war - voiceover probably by Captain Price

Cpt. Kamarov ( no not THAT Kamarov ) - Younger brother of Captain Kamarov ( thats the other one ), born in Moscow, veteran of civil war, leader of 2nd squad - voiceover - no idea yet

Cpl. Mikhail Korolov - 2nd squad support gunner, friend of Sgt. Almeida, also born in Leningrad, was part of the crew that ambushed Zakhaev's son

Cpl. Alexei Voronin - 1st squad sniper, very little is known about him, we only know that his parents were killed in an ultranationalist raid - voiceover probably Captain MacMilan

Cpl. Alexander Volski - 1st squad engineer - born in Ukraine, graduated nuclear physics in the university of Kiev

Pvt. Vassily Kozlov - 2nd squad gunner - graduated military school during the civil war but never saw real action, but he exceled at his training

Pvt. Yuri Petrenko - 1st squad support gunner, before he voulenteered for the spec. forces he was a simple car repairs man, during the civil war his village was attacked but he managed to kill one attacker, take his gun and radio for help, has since been training for Spetznaz

Cpt. Soap MacTavish
- his biografy is mostly unknown, his voiveover willbe done probably by Gaz, or from himself if i manage to get CoD6

Gen. Ivan Vulkov
- commander of the Bulgarian resistance forces in charge of liberating the city

Cpt. Zlatko Georgiev - Bulgarian resistance officer

Lut. Victor Antonescu - Romanian tank commander

---- Big map, big cast, more characters may be announced in the coming future...

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