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1 year ago today a small cod2 mp map was ported to cod4, turned to sp got some objectives and some extra streets and all hell broke loose. Undoubtfully this is the correct time to announce the first ever demo.

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UPDATE 08.01.09: Not to make any promises, but if everything goes OK i should be able to release the demo by Monday ( August 3rd )

UPDATE 07.30.09: Ive ran into some troubles, so the demo could be delayed a day or two, it is still possible to get it out by the 1st

On this date July 4, 2008 this project began, at first it was supposed to be a small cod2 mp map consisting only of a small cinema interior, then it was ported to cod4, turned to sp, added som things to shoot and only a small road outside, now 1 year later the cinema interior has become but a small part of a over 1 square kilometer map, hundreds of enemies, smart allies, lots of objectives and most importantly everything is legit, there is no premade apartment, everything is made from scratch. So happy birthday cinema!

Now for the cool stuff, I will release a demo by the end of the month:

Synopsis: the demo will feature the seccond chapter of the map ( "Chaos on Alexandrovska Street" ) and ends a little bit before the begining of the third chapter.

Story: After a hard landing the Spetznaz are scaterred all over the city, with the leader of seccond squad MIA seccond-in-command Sgt. Alemida must link up with his squadmates and move forward to the cinema on Alexandrovska Street to eliminate the villian Al Asad ( no the mystery of Asads survival is not revealed in this chapter ). As the Spetznaz move forward to the city they will encouter the best of Asads troops, will the few russian soldiers with the help of some unlikely allies manage to hold off until the enemy and eliminate their leader before they are overrun?

Weapons: The demo will feature almost every possible weapon including some new ones, you just have to find them. ( Hint: there is a Barret sniper under one of the beds )

Easter Eggs: There are quite a few of them you just have to look hard.

Voiceovers will be very limited as i am concentrating on the actual mapping and scripting parts, but you will still be able to get a good idea of whats going on.

Custom Music: So far i have included 2 custom tracks for peoples enjoyment.

Anims: Not in this demo

More details in the comming weeks...


Video DEMO

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